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What is the difference between mitosis and meiosis?
Mitosis divide once. Meiosis divide twice.
What is the difference between metaphase and metaphase I?
In metaphase, homolog line up in the middle. For metaphase I, a pair of homolog line up in the midle
What is the two sexes in yeast?
a and alpha
What is the diploid point of plant life cycle?
What is the haploid point of plant life cycle?
True or False: You cannot have the same genotype as any one else, except for your identitical twin.
In lab, genotype -> phenotype. What other factor come in nature?
What is locus?
a position of a chromosome
True or false: lots of differnt genotype can give the same phenotype
What is an allele?
It is alternate forms of a gene at a particular locus
Distinguish between homozygous and heterozygous.
Homozyhous is having 2 identical alleles at a locus. Heterozygous is having 2 different alleles at a locus.
True or false: Wildtype is the most common form of the gene that is found in nature.
True or false: If you choose randomly, the most common form of the gene that is found in nature will be mostly like to be chosen to be the wildtype.