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What is the % of DNA expressed in the eukaryotic genome at any one time?
Do muscle cells and nerve cells have different genetic information?
What is the function of methylated DNA?
Methylated DNA has an extra methane that prevents it from being transcribed
In prokaryotic cells, how does the primary transcript compare to processed mRNA?
They're both functional
Moving a part of one chromosome to another non-homologous chromosome is called?
Can certain genes increase in number in a cell? Can they be lost?
Gene amplification. Yes, in deletion.
What kind of hormone can have a direct effect of promoting transcription?
Steroid hormones
List two things that pseudogenes lack.
p. 359

-Doesn't yield functinoal products
-Lack promoter region for transcription and doesn't get transcribed
What is unique sequence DNA?
Only one copy of it
What are chromosomal puffs and what is their significance?
List four different ways in which a proto-oncogene can be converted into an oncogene.
1. Translocation
2. Move promotor region in front of oncogene
3. Mutation - makes it active
4. Gene amplification
What is gene therapy?
a healthy gene substituted for an unhealthy one
Is gene therapy being done on somatic or germ cells?
What is the function of polymerase chain reaction?
To allow synthesis of primary copies on DNA
What enzyme is used in the polymerase chain reaction?
DNA polymerates
How much growth was on the LB/Amp- petri dish? Why?
A lot, there was no ampicillan
How much growth was on the LB/Amp+ petri dish? Why?
None or little
none: didn't pick up plasmid
little: did pick up plasmid
What are the two major steps in creating a DNA fingerprint.
Cutting out DNA with restriction enzymes.
Use electrophloreses
What is a cloning vector? Give two examples.
Used to insert a gene:
1. DNA gun
2. Plasmid transformation
3. Direct insertion
4. Using virus to carry gene in
5. TI plasmid
What is the purpose of gel electrophoresis?
To separate DNA by size
Why do scientist like to use yeast cells in genetic experiments?
Recombinant DNA - transformation - screen and foam
In making recombinant DNA, what is the problem with using two different restriction enzymes?
Don't have matching sticky ends
Fragments of DNA that have been separated of gel electrophoresis, may or may not have a desired gene. How can the appropriate ones be identified?
Filter paper.. use radioactive probes with single stranded DNA