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Do fungi produce spores?
Are fungi heterotrophic or autotrophic?
Are fungio unicellular or multicellular?
What is different between the way that plants and fungi store food?
plants store starch
fungi store glycogen
What do fungi use primarily in their cell walls?
chitin (NOT cellulose)
Two ways asexual reproduction occurs in fungi?
1. fragmentation of the mycelium
2. production of spores within sporangia
What is the "imperfect stage"?
it is what asexual repro. is referred to in fungi.
What is the "perfect stage" also known as? What does it involve?
sexual repro. It involves gametes produced within gametangia.
What is the sexual life cycle for all fungi known as?
zygotic meiosis.
What does zygotic meiosis mean?
the vegetative body is haploid and that the zygote undergoes meiosis
What two stages is syngamy separated into?
plasmogamy (fusion of cytoplasm) and karyogamy (fusion of nuclei)
What does dikaryotic mean?
fungal hyphae containing two nuclei
What are the four major groups of fungi?
Imperfect Fungi
(bread mold) - fusion of hyphae leads directly to the formation of a zygote
(truffels) hyphal fusion leads to dikaryotic hyphae that form a part of a fruiting body within which zygotes are formed
(mushrooms and toadstools) dikaryotic hyphae form all of the fruiting structures within which zygotes are formed in club-like structures.
Imperfect Fungi
only reproduce asexually
What is a hymenium? What does is consist of?
it is an inner concave surface, a fertile region. Consists of a layer of asci plus sterile hyphae.
How do Ascomycetes reproduce asexually?
By forming conidia (asexual spores) on conidiophores OR by budding as in yeasts
What do all members of Basidiomycota produce?
basidia (club-shaped reproductive structures)
What is produced on the basidia?
Basidiospores (resulting from meiosis)
What is the characteristic structure of asomycetes? What is produced there?
the ascus or sac.
the ascospores (from meiosis)
How do Basidiomate arise?
entirely from dikaryotic (n + n) hyphae
What does the vegetative body of lichens consist of?
the photobiont and the mycobiont
What does the photobiont do for lichens?
it provides nutrients through photosynthesis
What does the mycobiont do for lichens?
it provides shelter and attachment allowing the partnership to exist in harsh conditions (like rock surfaces)
What are the two relationships possible between algae and fungus?
mutualistic (both get benefits) and obligate parasitic (fungus can't grow without alga)
What are the three types of lichens?
1. crustose (crustlike - looks like rock, bark, etc)
2. Foliose (leaflike)
3. Fruticose (shrublike)