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The main function of the cotyledons in a bean see is
provide food for the young plant
The neck of a banjo is made of
secondary xylem
Plants in the genus Cinchona were imortant because they
were a source of quinine
A taproot is fromed by plants when the ......... becomes the main root.
In roots, the tissue that is the next to the cortex is the
The roots of ....... contain alkaloids that were used as love poitns and as anesthesia for surgery. When harvesting these roots, a popular myth recommended that black dogs do the actual pulling of the room from the ground.
Secondary growth in stems results from the activities of the vascular cambium which forms
2 prime xylem to the inside, 2 prime phloem to the outside
In the center of the stem of a dicot is found what tissue
The glue-like compound that binds cells together in a plant is
The strength of a piece of wood is determined mainly by what cell feature
cell walls
Most starch is found in what part of a cereal grain?
In the drawing, the location of the secondary phloem is indicated by what letter?
A piece of pine (conifer) wood consists mostly of
Seeds of some plants do not germinate when planted in moist soil because that have a heard, thick seed coat that prevents water and oxygen from entering the seed. The general name for failure of mature seeds to germinate is
Sieve tube members occur in which tissue?
Cork cells are produced from mitosis and cytokinesis that occur in
cork cambium
Roots are a good source of food for eople because they often contain
starch in the cortex
The disease beriberi is caued by the absence of a vitamin from the human diet. Where in the rice grain would this vitamin occur?
germ or bran
Wood that conucts sound very well (such as that on the face (top) of a guitar or violin) has what feature?
Thick cell walls in most cases
Correctly complete the statement below about how modern Coca cola differs from the original formula. "Modern Coca cola....."
doe not contain cocaine
The apical meristem of roots is protected by what structure as the root graows through the soil?
root cap
In the center of a dicot root is
water conducting tissue
A strengthening compound found in the cell wall of some cells is
When the epidermis is lost during secondary growth of stems, its function is taken overy by
cork cells
The material that Levi used to manufacture the first plants that bore his name (Levis) came from a plant that also is the source of material for making canvas and cordage. What kind of cells constituted the bulk of the material that was used for the cloth?
fiber cells
Enriched white flower is white flour to which has been added niacin, thiamin, riboflavin and iron. To bring enriched flour up to the nutritional level of whole wheat flour, how many more nutrients would have to be added?
A branch is cut from a 200 year old oak tree. When the annual rangs are counted, only 10 are present. The best explanation for this difference between 10 and 200 is.......
The branch is just 10 years old.
Roots that develop from stems or leaves are called
adventitious roots
Cutin, a waterproofing compound, is found in what kind of cells in the stem?
Cinnamon and cassia come from what part of the plant
"Whole wheat" flour is more nutritious than white flour because it contains
endosperm, bran and germ
In a corn seed, the structure that occupies most of the space is
the endosperm
What cell type(s) occur(s) in both "hardwoods" and "softwoods"?
tracheid and parenchyma
During tip growth in roots, new cells are formed by mitosis. Which of the two cells that results from each mitosis will greatly elongate?
the cell farther away from the root tip
The piece of tree shown at the right was cut from a tree last month (January). What year did the tree grow the least?
Most of an onion that is used for cooking is composed of what plant part?
Branch (=lateral or secondary) roots originate in the mian root from the
The major type of plant cell consumed by humans for food is
The embryo of a peanut seed includes
plumule, radicle and cotyledons only
Which cell(s) function when they are dead?
tracheids, fibers and vessel elements
When stems grow in heigh, it is a result of the expansion of new cells produced by mitosis and cytokinesis in the .......
aprical meristem
Most sugar is transported vertically in a tree in the
Carrots are biennials. When is the best time to harvest carrots to obtain teh largest ones?
at the end of the first growing season
Openings in teh Bark of treese that allow oxygen to diffuse into a tree trunk are
Commerical cork comes from , and about half of all that is produced comes from .
Quercus suber, portugal
Starting at the oustide of a plant cell and moving toward teh center, which sequence below correctly describes the structures that are present?
cell wall, plasma membrane, cytoplasm
The scientific name for corn is Zea mays. The genus of this plant is and the species is .
Zea, mays
Jesuit powder refers to
ground tree bark that contained quinine
When a bean seed germinates, the food that is needed tomake roots and stems and leaves initially comes from the
After commercial cork is harvested, a new layer can be harvested about 10 years later from the same plant. In what tissue is formed the layer of cells that makes the new cork cells?
Secondary phloem