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What are the two types of biological adaptation
Behavioral and Genetic adaptation
The prime advantage of sexual reproduction is:
the ability to generate individual variation.
Biological extiction is best defined as:
the deletion of a specific sequence of DNA (genetic blueprint).
When seeking out mates:
males are usually the aggressors in seeking/attracting females for reproduction.
Genetic diversity arises from:
sexual reproduction.
What role in biology does sexual reproduction play?
Sexual reproduction generates diversity within a population.
Mutations can be:
the greatest advantage of sexual reproduction?
ability to generate individual variation in an efficient way
Although mutations can be _________, they are most often ___________ or _________.
beneficial; neutral; detrimental
In order for a mutation to be passed on to the next generation in must be a(n):
germline mutation.
What is the key factor for a species to survive?
The ability of its members to adjust to enviromental change.
An egg cell is much larger than a sperm cell because it:
provides nutrients for the developing zygote.
______________ mutations, like those induced by smoking, are not passed on to the next generation through inheritance.
______________ mutations, like those induced by smoking, are not passed on to the next generation through inheritance.
neutral mutation is
attached earlobes
smallest biological unit that can evolve over time is
As the weather gets cold you begin to dress warmer, this is an example of _____________ adaptation.
Rainforests account for _______ of all species in less than ______ of the earth's surface.
50%, 5%
There have been ________ known major period(s) of mass extinction in the history of life on Earth.
Gametes are
sex cells
Why is a somatic mutation not passed on to an organism's offspring?
Somatic mutations do not involve gametes which are the cells used in reproduction.
Sexual reproduction is the process of ___________ individual organism(s) combining __________ information.
two; genetic
The bottleneck effect refers to
a reduction of genetic variations.
What process is the key to genetic diversity in sexual reproduction?