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Amendment 1
freedom of religion, speech, and press. right to peacefully assemble and petition to the government
freedom of...
right to...
Amendment 2
right to keep and bear arms
Amendment 3
No soldier shall be quartered in any house without consent of owner.
i'll be living here
Amendment 4
The right to be secure in their property and no warrants shall be issued unless probable.
may i search your house?
Amendment 5
Cannont be tried for the same offense twice and cannot be forced to bear witness against themself. Private property cannot be taken without just compensation.
Did you do it? i take the 5th.
Amendment 6
Right to speedy and public trial. Accused must be informed of the nature and course of accusation. Right to attourney and witnesses.
what did i do wrong?
Amendment 7
If claim is less than 20 dollars no jury trial will occur.
do i get a jury if i steal lipstick?
Amendment 8
No cruel, excessive, or unusual punishments inflicted
your punishment is that you must stand on your head for the rest of your life.
Amendment 9
Bill of Rights cannot overide other laws
but you said i could have a gun
Amendment 10
powers not said in the constitution are reserved to states or people.
what if it doesnt say?