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what is the bill of rights?
the first 10 amendmants to the constitution
when was it added to the constitution?
what was the purpose of it?
to guarentee the individual rights of people
to make tha anti-federalists pass the constitution
what were the freedoms given in the first amendment?
how did it limit the government?
they couldn't take away the rights/ freedoms
what does the establishment clause do?
it made sure that the government can't make a state/ national religion
what does the freedom of religion say?
you can believe in any religion and the government can't make a state religion
what was the freedom of press?
wou can write/say whatever you whant using the media:newspapers, t.v., radio, etc.
what is the freedom of petition?
you can make a document with signitures that complaints or wants to change something and give it to the Congress so they could change the problem
what is freedom of speech?
what isfreedom of assembly?
you can form a group to voice an oppinion
what are the limitations to freedom of speech?
can't do it if it can danger someone or it it has to do with the governments security(ex=telling what the plan for war is)
why were the freedoms included in the first amendment?
so the gov. wouln't get too much power
what was the Texas v. Johnson case about?
they thought it was ok to burn the US flag as a protest against the US
what was the Tinker v. Des Moines School District about?
students wore armbands to school to protest the vietnam was. The principal suspended them but they thought it was freedom of speech.FREEDOM OF SPEECH IS ONLY INCLUDED IF IT DOESN'T INTERFERE WITH THE LEARNING OF OTHERS
what was Hazel wood v. Kuhlmeier?
principal cnesored the school newspaper and won.
wgat was Schenk v. US?
court rules that in the time of danger and war, free press can be limited
what was the skokie v. Illinois case?
attempt to prevent Nazi group from assembly and demonstrating
What does "the press" refer to in freedom of the press?
Newspapers, radio, tv, the internet and forms of mass communication
Were there rights reserved to individuals in the original Constitution?
No, there was not a guarantee of individual rights.
Who was in favor of the Bill of Rights?
The Anti-federalist were in favor of the Bill of Rights.
What were the anti-federalists afraid of?
The anti-federalists were afraid of the ultimate power that a distant central government would have over the states and the individuals.
how many amendments are in the bill of rights?