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deporto, are, avi, atum
carry away, remove
nato, are, avi, atum
swim, float
probo, are, avi, atum
approve, prove
regno, are, avi, atum
be king, rule, reign
augeo, êre, auxi, auctum
increase, grow
jaceo, êre, ui
lie, recline
obtineo, êre, ui, tentum
possess, occupy, obtain
cogo, ere, coegi, coactum
compel, force
committo, ere, misi, missum
commit, entrust
construo, ere, struxi, structum
build, construct
depono, ere, posui, positum
lay down, put aside
lego, ere, legi, lectum
collect, gather together, read
perficio, ere, feci, fectum
finish, accomplish
tremo, ere, ui
tremble, quake
desilio, ire, ui, sultum
leap down
munio, ire, ivi, itum
fortify, build
transeo, ire, ii (ivi), itum
go across, cross over.