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how old is richard in the first scene
what is ironic about the first scene
almost killed whole family and then mother almost kills him
what is the most common punishmen in bb
what are richards first words in the novel
you shut up. bossy and mean
"it has been said that autobiography is ____________________"
quintessential literary genre of african american experience/"
richard wright born and died?
he has been called the father of
modern african american literature
he is finest african american ?
first writer to give the white community
the reality of being black in america
first book was called what and published in what year
Uncle tom's children 1938
most popular book was __________ and published in __________ and the protaganist is ____________ and is compared to what other novel that was published in 1939.
Native Son
Biggar Thomas 16
Grapes of Wrath
what novel of wrights do the boys get killed while swimming
big boy
richard wright was the first ?
internationally recognized black author
where did wright move to and why
he moved his family to paris because of racist american society
at 35 years or older in america a black man will?
be murdered
go insane
gertrude stein, significance in wrights life? what phrase did she create?
lived in paris and was his friend, called him and her the best genius's in paris, coined the phrase "the lost generation"
how did wright die
heart attack
in the last years of wrights life he became paranoid because of?
afraid the government was after him because of the communist party
what was done with wrights body and what was put in his coffin
a copy of black boy, and cremated
black boy was originally called and what are the two sections currently called?
american hunger, section 1: southern nights
section 2: the horror and the glory
not until 16 years after his death?
then 30 years later?
part two of american of hunger was published and in 1991 they were published in one novel
mothers were preparing their sons to exist in a white mans world?
harsh and violent world where they will always be just black boys and taught their place in society at a young age the hardest time out of everyone just surviving
what are some themes in black boy?
being silenced
white oppression
the power of language
mark twain said?
autobiographies are the most true but hardly true
in response to twains thing an epigraph on black boy is?
do i beleive him though i know he lies
wright described and analyzed blacks as a?
an oppressed nation
wright said that?
nothing comes before my art
white people thought of blacks as?
maids and butlers
wright gave what book his all in case he didnt have another chance and this is why it became a runaway best seller
native son
in the 1930's in chicago negros lived in the northern area called the
black belt
according to wright the environment had what?
everything to do with his life
wrights father was a?
what are 5 parrallels between black boy and huck finn
1. lighting out
2. absent/ abusive father
3. racism
4. civilizing
5. rejecting religion
6. autobiographical
7. doesnt accept society
8. young boys in south
9. no stable family
10. no stable life
what are 5 differences between huck finn and black boy
different races
pre-civil/ post civil war
huck is told as happening/ black boy is looking back
huck doesnt want to learn/ richard is curious
huck is friendly/ richard is not
twain vs wright, what are 3 differences between the two?
twain is satirical, and wright is straight.
twain is modern american literature.
what can we conclude from twains and wrights differences
two people can have same beleifs in different time period and yet address the problem differently
epigraph, what is the epigraph on black, and who is it quoting?
" the meet with darkness in the daytime, and they grope at noonday as in the night..." Job
how is the job quote appropriate and odd?
he lost everything, and odd because it is from bible and he shuns religion in story
what does grotesque mean, and what genre is it assosciated with? name two authors and an example from each
mentally or physically deranged, gothic literature. O'Connor & Poe
Farenheit 451
because of its futuristing and unique view on censorship and books.
what does grotesque mean, and what genre is it assosciated with? name two authors and an example from each
mentally or physically deranged, gothic literature. O'Connor & Poe
Farenheit 451
because of its futuristing and unique view on censorship and books.
story in which the characters the action the setting all represent abstract qualities or moral values (story in which everything is a (symbol)
allusion and sources
brief indirect refence to something the author assumes the reader is family with

1 bible
2 mythology
3 literature
4 history
5 pop culture
a novel depicting the spiritual growqth or education of the hero usually a young man as he faces various moral and intellectual crisis meeting different characters who are sahre different attitudes in life
the highest point of action, the turning point, the moment of greatest intensity, the point at which you know who wins the conflict
the struggle between oppossing forces ____ vs _____
criticism (literary)
analysis or interpretation of a literary work to help the reader better understand and appreciate that work.
the unravelling or resolution of the plot
attempting to teach a moral or lesson
double character who shares anothers manifest or suppresed traits; pair of persons - one whom is flesh the other is spirit
quotation or motto at the beginning of a book or chapter
a structure of loosely connected adventures or incidence - each one more or less contained - involving a central group of characters
background information or introductory info. (Where and how)
a hint/clue of what is to come - 2 parts
literary type, category or classification
a hint/clue of what is to come - 2 parts
concrete details that appeal to the senses
the process of growing up - the movement from ignorance to knowledge - unawareness to awareness - innocence to to experience (who, when, what realization)
exact or actual meaning
magic realism
mixture or realism or fantasy; magical, yet seems like normal occurance to characters
small world representative of the world at large
the atmosphere or the work
recurring element that grows and develops throughout a work
perfect society
the belif that one's life is controlled by twho uncontrollable forces; heredity and environment.
apparent contradiciton that is nevertheless true
voice or mask through which the author speaks
picaresque novel
a novel that deals with loosely connected comic adventures that deal with a rogue, naive, innocent hero as he travels from place to place
sotry line; series of events (a sentence)
point of view
perspective from which the story is told: person - 1st or 3rd
omniscient - knos many characters thoughts and feeling
lmtd. omiscient - only know ones thoughts/ feelings
dramatic/objective - knowing no ones thoughts
stream of consciousness - extreme limited
direct address - directly to reader
main character
long, hazardous journey in search of something precious
-precious object to be found
-long journey to find it
-a hero
-series of tests in which unworthy are screened out and hero is revealed
-guardian of object who must be overcome
-helpers who assist a hero
a way of presenting life that emphasizes ordinary people in everyday experiences
(holding mirror to society)
an author who writes about a specific geographic area
opposite realism; represents life as we would like it to be, rather than life as it is (exotic setting, wish, fullfillment, dream)
form of persuasion using techniques such as humor, exaggeration, flws in people, society institutions to bring about a change
time and place
pattern of organization - 2 q's - how many parst, whats the relationship between them
author's distinctive use of language
something concrete that represents something absract
main idea (always sentence)
speaker/author's attitude towards characters
giving the appearance of truth or reality
the common, everyday language of the people in a time and particular place
heavenly, celestial
something that covers especially with drkness or gloom
make amends for
showing profound knowledge
obscene, indecent
an omen
severe manners in life
fatal injury
harmful effect
constant in effort or application
roughness or hoarseness
hatred of humankind
act of plotting
bad tempered
change or variation
gesture of the body such as a curtsy
uprightness, integrity
state of paralyzing dismay
glorify, exalt
shield displaying coat of arms
Purloined Letter and Cask of Amontiallado
Scarlet Letter
Huck Finn
Joy Luck Club
Of Mice and Men
Catchher in the Rye
Bless Me Ultima
A Lost Lady
Catch 22
Black Boy
(Author, Culter, Paraphrase, Meaning of Ending, Theme, Key Lit Term & Why)
The Cask Of Amontillado
Edgar Allen Poe, He's finishing up the story of a 50-yr old crime, latin for "Rest in Peace", he let the victim rest, but he cant
(Author, Culter, Paraphrase, Meaning of Ending, Theme, Key Lit Term & Why) Purloined Letter
Edgar Allen Poe, Dupin and sidekick talking about relationship w/ Minister D. and how he would recognize "MS", Reference to Theyestes & Atrius, They used tyo be brothers but are now enemies
(Author, Culter, Paraphrase, Meaning of Ending, Theme, Key Lit Term & Why) Scarlet Letter
Nathaniel Hawthorne, Puritanism, Describing Hester's tombstone, On a black background, the letter "A", Hester was honored for her "A" even thouh she was shameful, Sinners who confess can be rendered, Allegory- Everything symbolized something
(Author, Culter, Paraphrase, Meaning of Ending, Theme, Key Lit Term & Why) Huck Finn
Mark Twain, Pre Civil War, It talks about HF liting out b/c things were settled down @ home, i guess ill lite out again because aunt sally wants to civilize me, huck hadnt changed, no one can change who you arem picaresque novel- we follow huck a likable yet naive boy donw the miss. river
(Author, Culter, Paraphrase, Meaning of Ending, Theme, Key Lit Term & Why) Lost lady
Willa Cather, Aristocraticin, ed elliot is talking to niel about what became of mf, ed elliot says " i knew you's feel that way", MF got what she wanted & died happily Nielwas happy for her, the past days were good, but are gone now, epigraph- the "come my carriage" statement showed the thme of the book- how the good old ways were dying
(Author, Culter, Paraphrase, Meaning of Ending, Theme, Key Lit Term
& Why) Of Mice and Men
John Steinbeck, traveling hard, lennie had just been shot & the ranch heads were standing around when george and candy walked off, Carlson says "what the hell's eating those two", why cant society value Lenny and George why cant they understand friendship, friendship is the most important dream, motif- lennie killing
(Author, Culter, Paraphrase, Meaning of Ending, Theme, Key Lit Term
& Why)Catcher in the Rye
J.D Salinger, middle class new yourk boy, The rain falls and holden realizes that he misses his family, dont ever tell anyone anything because then you start missing everybody, holden found what he was looking for throughout the whole book., sometime what your looking for is right in front of you, POV- stream of conciousness
(Author, Culter, Paraphrase, Meaning of Ending, Theme, Key Lit Term
& Why)Crucible
Arthur Miller, Puritan, John proctor is going to the gallous, the drums beat louder and a new sun is shone, although her husband died, a new day was dawning for Elizabeth,
(Author, Culter, Paraphrase, Meaning of Ending, Theme, Key Lit Term
& Why) The Chosen
Chaim Potok, Jewish, danny walks away from malter house, his shoes tapped on the sidewalk as he turned the corner, Danny going into a new life, free from chosen life, tapping of shoes common in book- so danny is different but himself, Theme: the destiny chosen for you is not what you have to chose, didactic- constantly teaching reader about judaism.
(Author, Culter, Paraphrase, Meaning of Ending, Theme, Key Lit Term
& Why) Joy Luck Club
Amy Tan, Chinese American, girls are watching polaroid develop and see their mother in them, "we have our mother's facial features, and realize we have accomplished her wish.", through the novel the mothers wished the best for their daughters, the daughters are their mothers, structure- the whole novel rotates around to each mother and daugher in four parts. There were dour mothers, four daughter, and four stopries per pair.
(Author, Culter, Paraphrase, Meaning of Ending, Theme, Key Lit Term
& Why) Bless Me ultima
Rudolfo Anaya, Chicano, he goes to bury ultima's potions, Tony's destiny was whatever he chose, not what was chosen for him, I buried ultima under the tree tonite, Magic Realism
(Author, Culter, Paraphrase, Meaning of Ending, Theme, Key Lit Term
& Why)Black Boy
Richard Wright, Post-Civil War Richard is liteing out,"the territory from which i sprung was the one i fled", the way he was raised didnt form who he was, be yourself, white superior vs. black lesser