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Usus Loqeundi
The Common usage of a word within a language at a particular time.
Value of Usus Loqiendi
The Best approach for determining the meanings of a words.
An attempt to describe the meaning of a word.
The two types of defenitions
Extensional Definition
Tries to clarify meaning my citing examples.
Intentional Definitions
Explain the meaning of a word by giving abstract descriptions.
Types of intentional deinitions
Lexical Definitions
Genus and Differntia
Lexical Definitions
Used in dictionaries to report all of the categories of meaning (the semantic range) througout that language
Genus and Differentia
Sentence definition that has two elements: a generic element called the genus and a differentiating element call the differentia
Three Types of Tools
Word Study books
Lists occurrences of a word i the Bible

Ie Strong's concordance.
Dictionary of the Hebrew and Greek words
Word Study books
collection of articles written by scholars, discussing the meaning and usage of Greek and Hebrew terms.
Determine what word to study
Passage being studied
Identify the underlying Hebrew or Greek word
Exhaustive Concordance compiled for your translation
Determine the range of meaning
Lexicons and Word Study books
Observe how the word is used in Scripture
Hebrew or Greek concordance
Study the context for clues
context of passage being studid
Write a definition of the contextual meaning
unite notes on types of definitions.