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What did Solomon ask for when God spoke to him in a vision?
How did Solomon's blessings lead him astray?
he became powerful because of his wisdom,a king, and then he fell to loving many women which is directly against God's commands, he broke a lot of the commands set down for the king
Who built the first temple in Jerusalem?
How many wives and concubines did Solomon have?
He had 700 wives and 300 concubines
Compare Solomon's leadership to the rules in Deuteronomy 17
Deut. 17: God shall choose the king, not build up an army, not have multiple wives, not have a large personal treasury, shall copy the law, shall observe the law

Solomon's reign: God seems to have chosen him, aquired horses and chariots, 700 wives and 300 concubines, was very wealthy and laid heavy taxes on the people, wrote many proverbs and built high places and heart turned from God
Who was Ahijah?
one of the prophets in Kings (1 Kings 11 and 14): spoke to Jeroboam in a field about taking the kingdom from Solomon and ripping it into ten pieces as per God's request
Who was Jeroboam?
The man that Ahijah spoke to about dividing the kingdom...he received the prophecy of the events to come in 1 Kings 11:26-40
Who was Rehoboam?
the son of Solomon who was promised by the people a lifetime of service if he would only help them for a little while. he refused telling them that he would make their way harder and he was dethroned and Jeroboam became king in his stead
What are the lessons we discussed in class that we have learned from Solomon's life/
The Good: If you follow God, He will bless you
The bad: If you disobey God, He will punish you
The Ugly:If you don't repent, the consequences will be catastrophic
Know the names of the prophets
Former prophets: Moses, Joshua, Deborah, Samuel, band of prophets, Nathan, Gad
Preclassical prophets
Classical prophets
Kings: Ahijah, Shemaiah, Elijah, Elisha, Isaiah, Sons of the prophets
What is the differene between pre-classical and classical prophets?
Pre-classical - hear narratives about them
Classical - actually written by the prophet the book is concerning
When did Samaria fall?
722 BC
To whom did Samaria fall?
How did Josaih die?
He was killed by Neco of Egypt
Who appointed Jehoiakim as ruler in Jerusalem?
Neco of Egypt
Who appointed Zedekiah as ruler in Jerusalem?
Who was the last ruler in Jerusalem before the city was destroyed?
What are the three dates of deporations to Babylon?
604 BC (Daniel taken into captivity)
When did Jerusalem fall?
586 BC
Who was Nebuchadnezzar?
a king who laid seige to Jerusalem three times and eventually overtook it
What does Sitz im Leben mean?
life setting or situation in life
When did the Cyrus decree happen?
538 BC
When was Chronicles most likely written?
about 400 BC
What were some of the sources used for the writing of Chronicles?
Geneological records
Letters and official documents
Poems, prayers, songs and speeches
other histories, including Kings
prophetic writing
What are some of the differences between Chronicles and Samuel-Kings?
Southern Kingdom focus
additional material
embellishment of numbers
moralizing of situations
What is the message of Chronicles?
Importance of a united monarchy
importance of the established temple worship
What is the purpose of Chronicles?
to establish continuity btween pre- and post exilic Hebrew history
to establish Judah as a rightful heir to Davidic covenant
to appeal to a type of idealism as an example of how to renew the life and spirit of Israel
to give hope that the God of David and Solomon would sustain Israel's present leadership and nation
Who was Ezra?
a priest and scribe
a secretary of Jewish affairs in the royal cabinet
Who was Nehemiah?
a prayerful cupbearer
What books contain some Aramaic?
Eza and Daniel
When was Ezra-Nehemiah written?
around 400BC
What was the purpose of Ezra-Nehemiah?
to provide a historical account of the return to Jerusalem from Babylon and to provide a theological emphasis on covenant renewal
What was the message of Ezra-Nehemiah?
The people of God can have hope in the present because of God's deeds in the past
Who was Zerubbabel?
the priest and leader of the early returnees
How did the Jews respond when they began the temple reconstruction?
some were very excited and shouted aloud with joy and sang while others cried because they remembered the old temple
How did the enemies of the Jews respond?
at first they offered to help saying that they wanted to praise God to but when they were turned away they went about Judah making the people afraid to go on with the building
Who were Haggai and Zechariah?
two prophets who prophesized to the people of Jerusalem and Judah
Why did Ezra oppose mixed marriages?
He opposed that the people were willing to marry a person that did not share the same beliefs for fear it would corrupt the purity of the religion and eventually it would have to
When was Esther written?
400-300 BC
What is the setting of the story of Esther?
Persian empire, around 450 BC
Which king married esther?
What is the purpose of Esther?
to show God's divine protection over the Israelites even thouhg they were scattered
Who was Mordecai?
A Jewish man with an upright character. He was Esthers uncle and her primary caregiver
Who was Haman?
A close advisor to Xerxes. An evil man
What feast is celebrated in conjunction with the story of Esther?
Feast of Purim
What books of the Bible are considered wisdom literature?
Select psalms
What was the origin of the sages of the OT?
Royal court
the clan
elders of the city or village
school of wisdom

wise person, authors of proverbs
What books of the Bible are considered Hebrew poetry?
wisdom literature
Forms of parallelism
synonymous (Ps.49:1, 83:1)
synthetic (Ps. 3:4)
antithetic (Prov. 15:1) - opposing ideas
Climactic (Ps 29:1,2) -repetitive, leading up to final thought; use of several lines to move towards one thing
emblematic (Ps. 1:3) - figurative lang used to illustrate 1st line
Chaism A
Acrostic (Psalm 119)
What is an acrostic?
Using the alphabet to write poetry, starting each line with the next letter...
What is a chaism?
What is the purpose of Job?
to explore the justice of God's treatment of the righteous
What is the message of Job?
God is not always under obligation to make sure that the righteous receive blessing and only blessing
What important principle is under scrutiny in Job?
the retribution principle
"does Job fear God for nothing?"
How was Job portrayed in the opening verses of the story?
as a wealthy and righteous man
Who accused God of paying off Job?
the satan
What are the names of Jobs three friends?
Eliphaz, Bildad and Zophar
What is the irony of Job's being hedged in, from Job's perspective and from the satan's perspective
the satan meant it as God had built a fence around Job to keep him safe while Job meant it as God was crushing him, putting him between a rock and a hard place by allowing his life to be destroyed
What is the significance of the Redeemer in Job 19?
Jesus is called the Redeemer
Who is Elihu?
listened respectfully to the others
now rebukes the arrogance of what he has heard so far
prepares the way for the Storm
Who spoke from the whirlwind to Job?
the Lord
What lessons did God teach Job?
he pretty much doesn't know what he's talking about, he has no authority
he fears God for nothing
What are the psalms>
wisdom pieces
devotional thoughts
What does tellehim mean?
What were the purposes and occasions of the psalms?
military celebrations
cries for help during national or individual crises
written by people suffering severe illness
cries for forgiveness
who wrote the psalms?
73- ascribed to David
Sons of Korah
Heman the Ezrahite
Ethan the Ezrahite
What are the genres of the psalms?
What are the literary devices?
personification (Ps. 29:3
simile (1:3, 42:1)
metaphor (23:1)
Alliteration ( 44:7) repetition of sounds
ellipsis (12:3) a sentence followed by a short, sort of sentence fragment, leaving important part out but its implied
hendiadys (107:10) two difff ideas becoming one concept
hyperbole (40:12) exaggeration
inclusio (70:1,5) at beginning and end of section
metonymy (18:2) comparison with inanimate object
repetition (29:1,2)
Synecdoche (7:3, 52:4) use of a part to represent the whole
who wrote the proverbs?
King Solomon
Scribes of Hezekiah
what does proverbs 1:1-7 say?
the title and purpose
What is discussed in Proverbs 31:10-31?
the Worthy Woman
What does Fear of the Lord mean?
Wisdom, ethics, turning form evil, and rewards
What does Qoheleth mean?
covener, teacher or preacher
What are the different ways Song of Songs may be interpreted?
dramatic, typological, cultic, wedding cycle, didactic, allegorical, literal