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Matthew's geneology of Jesus differs from
Luke's account
This is where Jesus was born
Mary and Joseph were _____ when Jesus was born (legal arrangement at the time)
When Jesus' family faced persecution they fled to
Elizabeth was the mother of
Relationship of Jesus and John
_____ baptized Jesus
Why was Jesus baptized?
To show obediance to his father
Why are people baptized today?
For remission of their sins
How did God show his approval of Jesus' baptism?
He told Jesus he loved him and sent the Holy Spirit as a dove
John's preaching
to call people to repentance, to warn of the coming judgement, and to announce the coming Messiah
How did John die?
He was beheaded
What was Jesus' posture when he gave the sermon on the mount?
Sitting down
Why were people amazed with the way Jesus talked/preached?
He talked with authority, unlike the Scribes
If you offer a sacrifice to God but someone has an issue with you what should be done?
Resolve issue and then give the sacrifice