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Textual criticism-
How are current test compares with the originals and how accurately the ancient manuscripts were copied (Bibliographic test)
(person) listed books of the NT in 39th paschal letter.
Natural blindness-
we are blinded because we are sinners.
God’s superintending of human authors so that using their own individual personalities, these men composed and wrote down without error God’s revelation to man in the words of the original writings
The direct, divine influence that communicates truth from God to men. A disclosure from God to man of that which otherwise would not be know of God’s person, purpose, works in acts and/or words.
Carnal Blindness-
we are blinded because of the sin in our lives.
Books recognized as inspired; the scriptures
Verbal Inspiration-
inspiration extends to the words of the Bible themselves, not only to the ideas.
Plenary inspiration-
All of scripture is inspired, not merely some parts. IT includes everything we need to know about Him, no more, no less.
Latin Vulgate-
the authorized version of the Catholic Church needed as Christianity spread to Rome.
LXX the Greek translation of the Hebrew Old testament. Literally means 70 bc it was translated by a group of 72 Jewish scholars in Alexandria.
II Timothy 3:16-
says that all scripture is God-breathed or inspired and I useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness. For those who claim the name of Christ this is the standard we must cling to. The Bible is inerrant and infalliable in the original writings. To hold the Bible as loss than this is to become our own God.
Dead Sea Scrolls-
Discovered in 1947. When compared to the Masoretic Text showed the incredible accuracy of the transmission over the period of nearly a millennium.
Masoretic Text-
from 900 AD. Has become the “ruler” text. The scribes took extreme care in copying the Old Testament.