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The covenant of Grace was made between ____ and _____.
Abraham and believers
List the 3 most important promises of the covenant of grace:
1. Bless the nations forever
2. Be God to you and your children forever
3. The land of Canaan will be yours forever
What is the purpose of the convenant of grace?
to bless all nations
Another name for the Sinai covenant is:
The old testament
Through what four steps was Israel to be used by God to accomplish this purpose?
A. If you obey my commands
B. You will be super-blessed
C. the other nations will see this
D. and they will want me as their God too
What famous words did Samuel use to respond to Saul's sin?
To obey is better to sacrifice
_________________ is the beginning of wisdom.
The fear of the Lord
What is the root word for salvation? What does it mean? How does this understand what salvation means?
Salve, it's a healing ointment. Jesus saved/healed us from our sins.
When the prophets talk about the day of the Lord, blessing is always connected to ___________.
mercy & grace
Using the Sabbath, day of atonment, and jubilee as examples, explain A. What command of God is similar in each of them, B. What does this teach us about how salvation happens?
A. To rest
B. We can do nothing to earn it.
What is God's goal for all of history?
To bless all nations
Explain ten ways that Jesus is fore-shadowed/prophesied in the O.T. indicate the Old Testament event and how it point to Jesus.
1. Jesus came from the line of Abrahand and because of it all nations would be blessed
2. Job was willing to give 2 of his daughters to protect his guests
3. Josepoh was thought dead but was later found alive, and at first wasn't recognized.
4. Both were sold for silver
5. Jacob blessed Judah, saying his brothers would worship him.