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In 2 Kings 18:4, who broke the bronze serpent into pieces and why?
King Hezekiah of Judea because the people were worshipping it instead of remembering what God had done for them.
How old was Hezekiah?
25. Ahaz and Abi, daughter of Zecharia.
In Romans 8:2, what are we free to do?
From false gods and sin to live for Christ.
From False gods and sin, to live for Christ. Reference?
Romans 8:2
Numbers 13:30, what was Calebs response?
He believed the Israelites could conquer the caananites.
Numbers 13:30. Who is it about?
Who did Caleb think he could conquer?
He believed the Israelites could conquer the caananites.
What bodies of water did the Israelites cross?
Red Sea, River of Jordan
Joshua 3:15-16 Priests feet...
The river stopped flowing and the people crossed on dry land.
In Joshua 4:1-8, what was one way of remembering what God had done for the Israelites?
12 men, one of each tribe took 12 stones and laid them down as memorial stones to the children of Israel forever.
How many stones in Joshua 4:1-8?
12 stones were used for memorial stones.
What did the stones in Joshua 4:1-8 represent?
The tribes of Israel.
What is the comparison between Jesus and the memorial stone?
The stones were for the Israelites to remember what God had done and tell others about Him, We are to remember what Jesus has done and tell others about Him.
What are three things that we can do past present and future?
Past: remember what God has said
Present: Think about what God is.
Future: Be influenced by what you think about God and do based on that belief
God's promises
John 10:27-29 No one can take eternal life away from you.
1 Peter 2:9 You are chosen by God.
John 16:15,23-24 You can ask for anything in Jesus' name and God the Father will give it to you.