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Except for Jonah, he was the only writing prophet to live in the North, and had a wife.
Northern Kingdom called_______
Ephraim in Hosea
wife's behavior analogous to Israel's behavior
3 views on Hosea's marriage
Literal, allegory, married clean woman who became adultress
He compared Israel to 4 things
Major themes of Hosea
spiritual adultery
knowledge of God
God's frustrated love
Dated between 900-400 BC
He had the vision of the locust plague
Locust plague described as __________.
war horses
He was a shephern and sycamore fig farmer
Amos was a native to _____, but sent to preach to _____.
Judah, israel
3-fold description of the Norhtern Kingdom's problems
Religious apostasy, moral & social collapse, and political corruption
He was opposed by Amaziah, the priest
Shortest book in the OT
Theme of ______ was destruction coming to Edom
Two significant items about Edom
Pride of unreachable mountain home, lack of brotherliness
New Testament name of Obadiah
People involved in the long-standing enmity between Edom and Israel
Saul, David, Solomon, Jehosaphat, Jehoram, Amaziah
Major themes of Obadiah
Pride, universal judgement, restoration
Jonah's uniqueness among the prophetic books
written as an episode of his life
He preached to Nineveh
Only OT prophet to preach entirely to a foreign people
Only minor prophet referred to by Jesus
4 miracles of Jonah
storm and calm sea, fish, gourd vine
2 views about the book (JOnah)
missionary book or instruction for israel to have compassion
The message of Jonah
God's right to bestow acts of compassion on whoever he will
Major themes of Jonah
compassion, anger, sovereignty
known as the country prophet
His prophecies saved the life of Jeremiah
Known as the champion of the poor
3-fold description of evildoers in Micah
Idle rich, corrupt politicians, false prophets
Themes of Micah
Social injustice, true worship, false security
Summation of a man's duty
Do justice, love, mercy, walk humbly with God
He was the first to speak of Jerusalem's destruction and that of the temple
First to point directly to Bethlehem as city of the Messiah's birth
Habakkuk's question of theodicy
Why do eveil people thrive?
This book deals with same basic issue as Job
Style of Habakkuk
complaint and answer
This book is organized around prayers of the prophet and responses of the Lord
He climbs a tower to await an answer
The purpose of his prophecies was to initiate change in Judah
He was vague about the forms of punishment
Ezra should be read for background info of this book
He was a prophet of a solitary mission
Haggai's task was
to initiate reconstruction of Temple of God
His work complemented by Zechariah
2nd shortest book in the OT
Haggai had a collection of ____ oracles, each specifically dated
Things lost to the 2nd temple
ark of the covenant, wealth and splendor of the 1st temple, question of God's glory really being there
He served as both priest and prophet
THis book is dated by the reign of Darius
He is only prophet that presents hope
Problems concerning Zechariah
Murder mentioned by Jesus, unity of the book
# features of Zechariah
He says most about the messianic shepherd-king
Contributes most of all the prophets to angelology of OT, uses symbols
Zechariah's 4 predictions about the messiah
-Come in low and humble station of life
-restore israel by the blood of his convenant
- serve as a shepherd to the people
- be pierced and struck down
Zechariah has ___ visions
4 settings of Malachi
-Judah under govenor
- edom is gone
- judah is in the land and temple exists
- careless priests, discouragement among people, problem with foreign marriages
Writing style of Malachi
Number of examples of Debating writing style in Malachi
Malachi prophecies______ and ______.
Elijah to return, and John the Baptist
445 BC
Nehemiah returned to rebuild walls of Jerusalem
458 BC
Ezra returned to Jerusalem with exiles to teach the law and encourage a return to the ways of God
516 BC
second temple dedicated
520 BC
work on the temple began again
538 BC
First group of jews return to their homeland
539 BC
Cyrus, Medo-Persian king, captured Babylon in "peaceful" invasion; decreed Jews could go home
586 BC
Jerusalem falls to Nebuchadnezzar and Babylonians
597 BC
Second group of captives including Ezekiel, taken to Babylon
606 BC
Nebuchadnezzar had Jews taken to Babylon. (Daniel, Shadrach, Meschach, and Abednego)
612 BC
Fall of Nineveh