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12th Grade Bible Final 2nd Semester
12th Grade Bible Final 2nd Semester
Mormon View Of God
-exalted man from another planet like earth.
-made from other gods
-married, died, and was resurrected to the god of heaven.
-had millions of spirit children
Mormon View of Jesus
-Began as organized intelligence, a spirt-element that eternally exist with matter
-had wives
-only covered adams sin
Mormons Eternal Progression
-spirit world
-1st ressurrection
-3 places: telestial (lower), terestrial (middle), and celestial (high)
Scientology Dianetics
Analytical Mind
Reactive Mind
Somatic Mind
Scientology View Of God
exists but is not worshipped
Scientology View of Jesus
just another human who was wrongly put to death
No ressurection
Scientology salvation
good works
cleared of engrams
the spirit or indivdual