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-very strong
-controlled iorn
-worshiped idols
-David drove them out of Isreal
-Next to the Med. sea and Judan
-East of the dead sea
-related through lot (to isreal)
-Reffused to let isrealites pass through when they cam out of egypt
-Balak (moabite king) sent Balaam to curse them but God caused him to bless the isrealites
-worshiped idol ; Chemosh
-Ruth moabite woman
-Moab very fertal land
-mean fierce cruel
-morth of moab and east of Jordan R.
-descendants of lot
-worshiped idol Molech
-reletives of Esau
-Southeast of Judah
-refused to let isreal pass through their country
-to the promise land
-rich in iorn and copper
-small country
-many gods
-world power
-when isreal divided the pharaoh shishak invated jereusulm and took off w/ the temple treasures
-he wrote an account of raid on a temple wall
-Assyria reffered to them as "a splinterd reed"
-northwest of isreal
-divide into several small kingdoms
-capital city of Aram
-rich in farmland larger and more powerful then isreal
-isreal made a treaty w/ Aram and they formed a bigger force
small country coast of Med. sea
-sailors and shippers
-most friendly to isreal
-Ahab married the Phoenicin prinsess Jecebel
-Jezebel was a worshiper of Baal and Ashtora
-between tigris and euphraties
-gained strenghth and expanded
-a dreaded enemy
-were very curel
-Prophet warned kings that if they were not faithful to Gkod the Assyrians would counquer them