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Alpha and Omega
what God calls him self, and he lives with everyone
Am I my brother's keeper
when Cain killed Abel and then Abel said am i my brothers keeper, like do i have to take care of him
ashes to ashes (dusk, to dusk)
after adam eats the bad fruit he has to eat the food from the ground
tower of Babel
God mixes up the languages, and then everyone can't understand what anyone else has said
Bitter as wormwood
knowing right from wrong, and there are "lips of an adultress and speech smooth as oil"
By the fruits shall ye know them
you should learn how to trust someone because once you get to know them you may need to decided if you can trust them or not
camel through through the eye of a needle
rich men are greedy, and don't want to give away their riches, so it is harder for a camel... than a rich man to
Cast the first stone
adultery, and the people ask who should throw the first stonepeople and jesus replies that whoever is without sin can do it (symbolizing there aren't a lot of people who can blame for actions they've done)
Consider the lilies of the field
life is more important than everything else and God is more important
Daniel in the lions den
those who have faith in God will benefit from the protection of God
Doubting Thomas
you won't believe it until you see it
eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth
if you take a life, give up your life, (golden rule)
four horsemen of the Apocalypse
death and the bad things in the world
gain the whole world but lose your soul
giving up your soul for something you desire when you should actually be following Jesus
Gold, frankinscesne, and myrrh
gifts given to children when they are born
goldern rule
do to others what you would be done to you
harden your heart
pharaoh has his heart hardened by God so that there will be pain caused to the Egyptian people
loaves and fishes
feed an entire population with loaves and fishes
manna fron heaven
if you obey God, he will bestoy upon you what you desire, but only the amount that you need
mark of cain
die a painful death mark of cain=evil
oldest living people
pearls before swine
be careful who you trust, don't give your pearls to pigs
sackcloth and ashes
Jesus preaches about John the Baptist while he is in prision
Seven pillars of wisdom
house built--wisdom makes it stronger
Sodom and Gomorrah
don't doubt the power of the lord, we are all the son of Abraham
Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof
take each day step by step because each day has enough troubles
This is my body
communion and understanding why Jesus sacrificed himself
Turn the other cheek
if someone does something bad to you, don't get even, and stoop to their level
voice brying in the wilderness
if you are in a place of struggle, the lord will help you
water and wine
Jesus turned water into wine
way of all flesh
The Lord has done everything he can, put your trust in the Lord becuase he will do what is best to fullfill your life
who lives by the sword shall die by the sword
those who kill will probalby end up getting killed
word made flesh
Remember the word of God is for the people of God, don't listen to what anyone else trys to tell you
Acting like a Jezebel
someone who throws themselves at people