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The binding together of like molecules, often by hydrogen bonds.
The attraction between different kinds of molecules.
Surface Tension
- A measure of how difficult it is to stretch or break the surface of a liquid.

- Water has a high surface tension because of the hydrogen bonding of surface molecules.

- Water has a greater surface tension than most other liquids.
Kinetic Energy
The energy of motion, which is directly related to the speed of that motion.
- The TOTAL amount of kinetic energy due to molecular motion in a body of matter.

- Heat is energy in its most random form.

- Heat is not the same as temperature. A swimmer crossing the English Channel has a high temperature than the water, but the ocean contains far greater heat because of its volume.
A measure of the intensity of heat in degrees, reflecting the AVERAGE kinetic energy of the molecules.
- The amount of heat energy required to raise the temperature of 1 gallon of water by 1 degree C.

- Also the amount of heat energy that 1 gallon of water releases when it cools by 1 degree C.
Specific Heat
- The amount of heat that must be absorbed or released for 1 gram of a substance to change its temperature by 1 degree C.

- Compared to most other substances, water has an unusually high specific heat.

- Specific heat can be thought of as a measure of how well a substance resists changing its temperature when it absorbs or releases heat.