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What is "Social Order" mean?
The way groups of people are classed.
What are "Catacombs"?
Tombs beneath the ground.
What are "Gladitorial Games"?
When slaves faught for death at the masters funeral.
What does "Municipal" mean?
A city or government.
What is a "Soothsayer"?
A person who can predict events.
What is a "Necropolis"?
A cemetery made up of acres of catacombs.
What is the "Triumph"?
A parade.
What is the "Mundus"?
The meeting point for the living and dead.
What are "Omens"?
Signs of what is to happen.
What is a "Forum"?
A public square.
What is a "Fasces"?
A bundle of rods tied around an ax.
What is "Cunicles"?
The etruscan sewage system.
What were the early professions of early Latins living on the Palitine?
Most people are farmers and grew wheat and barley.
How did the romans learn about the greeks?
Greek Colonists settled nearby.
What achievements that had to do with archetecture were accomplished by the etruscans?
Dug Tunnels, Built Dams to drain marshy fields, and thick walls.