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So, what's on your mind this week?
Oh I don't know. I had that Catherine the Great Dream again.
Oh I don't know. Maybe it isn't Catherine the Great. It's really more like National Velvet.
What do you associate to National Velvet?
Oh I don't know. Childhood.
I guess I miss childhood where one could look to a horse for emotional satisfaction rather than a person. I mean a horse never disappointed me.
You feel disappointed in people?
Well, every man I try to have a relationship with turns out to be crazy. And the ones that aren't crazy are dull. But maybe it's me. Maybe I'm really looking for faults just so I won't ever have a successful relationship. Like Michael last year. Maybe he was just fine, and I made up faults that he didn't have. Maybe I do it to myself. What do you think?
What I think doesn't matter. What do you think?
But what do you think?
It's not my place to say.
Oh never mind. I don't want to talk about it.
I see.
I did answer one of those ads.
How did it work out?
Very badly. The guy was a jerk. He talked about my breasts, he has a male lover and he wept at the table. It was really ridiculous. I should have known better.
Well, you can always come back to me, babe. I'll light your fire for you anytime.
Stuart, I've told you you can't talk to me that way if i'm to stay in therapy with you
You're mighty attractive when you're angry.
Stuart...Dr. Framingham, many women who have been seduced by their therapists take them to court...
Yeah, but you wanted it baby...
How could I have "wanted" it? One of our topics has been that I don't know what I want.
Yeah, but you wanted that, baby.
Stop calling me baby. Really, I must be out of my mind to keep seeing you. Obviously you can't be my therapist after we've had an affair.
Two lousy nights aren't an affair.
You never said they were lousy.
They were great. You were great. I was great. Wasn't I baby? It was just the fact that it was only two nights that was lousy.
Dr. Framingham, it's the common belief that it is wrong for therapists and their patients to have sex together.
Not in California.
We are not in California.
We could move there. Buy a house, get a jacuzzi.
Stuart... Dr. Framingham, we're not right for one another. I feel you have masculinity problems. I hate your belt buckle. I didn't really even like you in bed.
I'm great in bed.
You have problems with premature ejaculation.
Listen, honey there's nothing premature about it. Our society is paced quickly, we all have a lot of things to do. I ejaculate quickly on purpose.
I don't believe you
Fuck you, cunt.
Obviously I need to find a new therapist.
Okay, okay. I lost my temper. I'm sorry. But I'm human. Prudence, that's what you have to learn. People are human. You keep looking for perfection, you need to learn to accept imperfection. I can help you with that.
Maybe I really should sue you. I mean, I don't think you should have a license.
Prudence, you're avoiding the issue. The issue is you, not me. You're unhappy, you can't find a relationship you like, you don't like your job, you don't like the world. You need my help. I mean, don't get hung up on who should have a license. The issue is I can help you fit into the world. Really I can. Don't run away.
I don't think I believe you.
That's okay. We can work on that.
I don't know. I really don't think you're are good therapist. But the others are probably worse, I'm afraid.
They are. They're much worse. Really I'm very nice. I like women. Most men don't.
I'm getting on of my headaches again.
Do you want me to massage your neck?
Please don't touch me.
Okay, okay. Any other dreams?
Perhaps we should analyze why you didn't like the man you met through the personal ad.
I...I...don't want to talk anymore today. I want to go home.
You can never go home again.
Perhaps not, but I can return to my apartment. You're making my headache worse.
I think we should finish the session. I think it's important.
I just can't talk anymore.
We don't have to talk. But we have to stay in the room.
How much longer?
30 minutes.
Alright. But i'm not going to talk anymore.
Okay. You're very beautiful when you're upset.
Please don't you talk either.