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alloy v.
to debase by mixing with something inferior
appropriate v.
to take for one's own use
arrest v.
to engage, holding's someone attention
august adj.
majestic, venerable
bent n.
broach v.
bring up, announce, begin to talk about
brook v.
to tolerate, endure
cardinal adj.
chauvinist n.
a blindly dovoted patriot
consequential adj.
pompous, logically foloowing
damp v.
check to vibration of sound,
diminish the intensity
die n.
a tool for shaping
essay v.
to test or try
exact v.
to demand, call for, require
fell v.
to cause to fall by striking
fell v.
inhumanly cruel
flag v.
to sag or droop, to become spiritless, to decline
flip adj.
ford v.
to wade across the shallow part of a river or stream
grouse v.
to complain
guy n./v.
a rope, cord, or cable attached to something as a brace or guide.
intimate v.
to imply, suggest
list v.
to tilt or clean to one side
lumber v.
to move heavily and clumsily
meet adj.
fitting, proper
milk v.
to exploit, to squeeze
mince v.
pronouce or speak affectedly, to take tiny steps
nice adj.
exacting, fastidious, extremely precise
obtain adj.
to be established, accepted
occult adj.
hidden, concealed, beyond comprehension
pedestrian adj.
commonplace, unremarkable
pied adj.
pine v.
to lose vigor, to yearn
plastic adj.
moldable, pliable, not rigid
pluck n.
courage, spunk, fortitude
Churchill's speeches inspired the pluck of his countrymen during the war.
prize v.
to pry, to press or force with a lever.
The information was prized from him.
rail v.
to complain about bitterly.
Early American progressives railed against the railroad barons.
rent v.
torn, past of rend
an opening or tear: a large rent in the fabric
quail v.
to lose courage, turn frightened.
qualify v.
to limit
sap v.
to enervate
That race sapped my strength
sap n.
a fool or nitwit
scurvy adj.
singular adj.
exeptional, odd.
He was singularly well suited for the job.
stand n.
a group of trees
steep v.
to saturate or completely soak, as in to let the tea bag steep: She was steeped in esoteric knowledge.
strut n.
the supporting structral cross- part of a wing
table v.
to remove from consideration. They tabled the motion an will consider it again later.
tender v.
to proffer or offer.
He tendered his resignation.
waffle v.
to equivocate
wag n.
wit, joker.