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Vacant throne, unclaimed crown, and robe
Israel, during the period of the judges, was a loosely organized confederacy without king or central government
Disheveled figure on bottom right
Personification of Israel's political enemies during period of the judges
Figure holds stone axe
Israel's enemies during the period of the judges were the small powers of the immediate locale
Figure with ripped tunic and broken axe handle in hand
These small powers, who had attacked the Israelites and subjected them to bondage for brief periods, were defeated under rallies led by the judges
Six figures in center of picture
The six major judges of Israel
Judge with raised arm
Othniel delivered Israel from the Mesopotamian oppression
Judge with sword in hand
Ehud delivered Israel from the Moabite attack--sword symbolic of gift given to King Egion
Judge with tent spike in hand
Deborah won victory over the Canaanites--tent spike associated with Sisera's death
Judge with lamp and trumpet in hand
Gideon carried out psychological warfare against the Midianites with trumpets and lamps
Judge with manuscript in hand
Jephthah defeated the Ammonites and in the process made rash vows
Judge with jawbone in hand
Samson defeated the Philistines