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A site that lets me design different rubrics for a number of different kinds of learning activities
Site that will give me a template for creating a free personal or course Web site of up to a dozen pages.
A site that lets teachers make their own crossword puzzles.
Teach-nology crossword puzzle maker
A site that lets teachers build free adventure mind-maze games (sets up choices that lead to alternate endings)
A site that lets a class create its own "newspaper" by providing a page to enter links to favorite online newspaper and magazine sites
A site that will let you create a Web-based assignment by linking to a site and letting you write what you want your students to do there.
A site that will let you download six different applications for making your own (teacher-generated) games and exercises for your classes
Hot Potatoes
A site with free access to lesson plans, printable worksheets, reviewed Web sites, educational games, teaching tips, downloads, web quests, and other teaching tools
A site that helps you through each step needed to make Web quest activities for your classes
A site that lets you build a free Chat room just for the members of your class.
Look at first option = free.
Two sites that let you make free on-line quizzes.
Quiz Center

and Quiz Star
A site that lets you paste in any text and then add glosses or definitions that pop up when high-lighted words are clicked.
Glossmaker from Swarthmore