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Normal a measurement from the tip of the coccyx to the EOP should not change more than how much between seated, standing, and supine?
14 mm
The sphenoid is the center of cranial bone motion and it articulates with how many other cranial bones?
Tight rope walker type of gait. Which mm is weak?
Gluteus medius
Which decents are most sensitive to wheat? Dairy?
Wheat sensitive = celtic, germanic, and nordic.
Dairy sensitive = asian and african.
With a lateral cervical subluxation you will have weakness of what?
Finger adductor mm (some, not all). Can "turn it off and on" by TL'ing.
Describe everything about the GTO.
GTO are tension measurers via the 1B fibers. They are turn OFF switches. They are found at the musculotendinosus junctions. To turn on you push toward the belly of the mm. GTO: T = tension. Nutrition = Biost (SP)
Describe everything about the NMSC.
NMSC are STRETCH receptors via the 1A and 2 fibers that are turn ON switches. They are found in the highest concentration at the middle 1/3 (belly) of the mm. To turn on push into the belly of the mm and pull apart. Nutrition = Biost (SP).
In the trilogy of a SP/ST describe what you will find at the antagonist to the weak mm.
The antagonist mm will have a Travell type of TrP (TrP in a hypertonic mm). Stretching the mm will cause it to go weak temporarily. Tx = Fascial flush. Nutrition = B12 (Cataplex B12 or Folate B12).
In the triology of the SP/ST describe what you will find at the synergist to the weak mm.
The synergist mm will have a Lawrence Jones, D.O. type of TrP (TrP in a weak mm). A 3-second max contraction will cause the mm to weaken. Tx: Fold & hold (slowly return back to the original position). Breath IN on anterior/OUT on posterior/for lateral mm try breath IN first. Nutrition = Folic acid, glycine, and rarely the nutrition associated with the mm itself.
Normal breath holding time is how long? If insufficient check what nutrient?
40 seconds.
Check B vitamin status.
When there is a denial of trauma with an injury we first look to the Five Factors of the IVF. What are those five factors?
N = nerve / nutrition
NL = neurolymphatics (Chapman)
NV = neurovasculars (Bennet)
CSF = cranials, CAT, fixations
AMC = acupuncture meridian connector
What is the motion of the sacral apex on inspiration?
Sacral apex goes into flexion (anterior) with inspiration and extension with expiration.
What muscle weakness causes a postural pattern of high hip, shoulder, and occiput?
A gluteus medius weakness. Also, a person with a glut med weakness will walk with a jig to one side in the upper body.
Goodheart noted a correlation between lumbar scoliosis, psoas weakness, and kidney stones on x-ray. What is that correlation?
A lumbar scoliosis is concave on the weak psoas side which is also the side where kidney stones were evidenced on x-ray. Note: many times you will have to do repetitive mm testing to find the weak psoas - it might not show up in the clear.
When analyzing gait describe where the long stride is related to arm swing.
The long hand stride side is the short leg stride side, which is the weak psoas side. On passive leg turn in you will have more internal rotation of the weak psoas because the contralateral hypertonic psoas will not int rotate as much (psoas = hip ext rotator).
When food allergy testing the best mm to use when testing sensitivity to dairy is what?
Dairy = psoas
When doing cross crawl exercises we always turn the head which direction in relation to the psoas? Also, how do you name the cross crawl based on this?
You always turn the head away from the hypertonic psoas side. Also, you name the pattern based on this. ex. tight right psoas, left pattern, turn head to the left).
Medial hamstring mm are?
Lateral hamstring mm are?
What are the origin/insertion of these?
Med = semimembranosus and semitendinosus.
Lat = biceps femoris (long and short head). Long head comes off ischial tub and short head comes of the medial femur and both go to the fibular head.
If patient is cramping what are we thinking?
Calcium metabolism. Think about GI health, hypochlohydria, pt needs acidic environment to metabolise Ca++.
What are some common causes of constipation?
Too little fiber, dehydration, spastic ICV, too much sugar, low thyroid, l/s subluxation, etc.
Burning stomach pain on an empty stomach (between meals) is what? How would you help this?
Burning stomach pain between meals = hyperacidity.
Check need for Gastrex, AC Carbimide (purified urea/urease enzyme system)
Burning stomach pain after a meal is what? How would you help this?
Burning after a meal = hypochlohydria (low acid) = check zinc, Zypan, Betaine HCl, Cataplex B (will help with HCl production).
If someone has pain in a joint we are thinking what in regards to mm?
If someone has pain in a mm we are thinking what in regards to mm?
Pain in a joint = where the WEAK mm is
Pain in a mm = where the tight mm is
For musculoskeletal problems use what form of vitamin E?
What about for reproductive or skin problems?
Musculoskeletal = dry vitamin E (Cataplex E).
Reproductive or skin problems = wet vitamin E (wheat germ oil)
There are three types of glandulars. Decribe protomorphogens.
Protomorphogens = used for hypo- and some hyper-functioning states (antigen/antibody rxn). These are extracts from the nucleus of the cell. Used more for chronic problems. PMG products.
There are three types of glandulars. Decribe whole glandulars.
Whole glandulars, like whole dessicated adrenal, are used any time to supply building blocks for glandular health.
There are three types of glandulars. Decribe cytosol extracts.
Cytosol extracts are aqueous extracts that support hormone function while a gland is being rebuilt. These are used in crisis situations and usually end in an "X" like Ligaplex, Prostex, Thymex. These are for organ/gland replacement therapy.
What year was the ICAK formed?
Where does the dura attach?
The dura attaches at the occiput, C1, C2, C3 and loosely thru the dentate ligaments. Also at S2 and below.
What year was TL discovered?
What year was NL added to AK?
Neurolympthatic reflexes (Chapmans) added in 1966.
What year was NV added to AK?
Neurovascular reflexes (Bennets) were added in 1967.
The skin and the nervous systems develop from what embryologically?
Both the skin and NS come from the ectoderm.
Best mm to use when testing wheat sensitivity?
Wheat = PMS
Corn = supraspinatus