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What was the focus of Health People Surgeon General (1979)?
Health promotion and disease prevention
What is the goal of Healthy People 2000, which started in 1990?
• raise infant mortality • raise life expectancy
What is the goal of Health People 2010, which started in 2000?
• increase quality of life • increase rate of advancement • eliminate health disparities
What is primary prevention and give examples?
• primary prevention removes/reduces diseases & risk factors • examples are immunization, smoking cessation, improved sanitation
What is secondary prevention and give an example?
• secondary prevention promotes techniques for early detection of disease or precursor states • ex. pap smear
What is tertiary prevention and give examples?
• tertiary prevention are measures aimed at limiting the impact of established disease • ex. partial mastectomy & radoiation therapy
What are the 4 main bioethical principles?
• autonomy • beneficience • nonmaleficence • justice
What is autonomy, in regards to ethical conduct?
• autonomy means self-rule • patients have the rightto make autonomous decisions and choices • PAs should respect these decisions & choices
What is beneficience?
• the PA should act in the patient's best interest
What is nonmaleficence?
• do no harm • impose no unnecessary or unacceptable burden upon the patient
What is meant by justice, in regards to ethics?
• justice means that patients in similar circumstances should receive similar care • applies to norms for the fair distribution of risks, resources, & costs
What are 2 situations when confidentiality can be breached?
• when the patient is dangerous to themselves or others • legal obligations in concern of public welfare (reporting communicable diseases to public authorities, reporting abuse to police)
True/False: You should bring a pencil and driver's licence on the day you take the PANCE?
You should bring your scheduling permit and your driver's licence. The test is taken on a computer. The correct answer is: False
What are factors the impede compliance?
• Complex regimens • Denial of Illness • Economics • Low level of subjective distress • Outside factors that make compliance difficult • Patient perception that make compliance difficult • Poor communication between provider and patient • Side effects that are significant for the patient • Treatment that is embarrassing or humiliating
What are factors that enhance compliance?
• Clear instruction that the patient can repeat back to the clinician • Family support • Good rapport between physician and patient • Increased level of distress • Increased time with physician • Simple regimens
Who are the role players in health prevention?
• Businesses • Clinicians • Communities • Individuals • Scientists
What are aspects that encompass "Quality of Life"?
• Aspiration • Beliefs • Culture • Health • Recreation • Rights • Values
What factors contribute to health disparities?
• Disability • Education • Ethnicity • Gender • Geographic location • Income • Race • Sexual orientation
What were the top 3 causes of death in 1900?
1. Pneumonia 2. Tuberculosis 3. Diarrhea & enteritis
What are the top 3 causes of death today?
1. Heart Disease 2. Cancer 3. Stroke
How many specific focus areas are there in Healthy People 2010 and give a few examples?
• 28 focus areas with 467 objectives • intervention to eliminate illnesses • improving access to quality health care • strengthening public health services • improving the availability and dissemination of health-related information
Determinant of health is influenced by what factors?
• Access to quality health care • Behavior and environmental factors • Health status • Individual biology and behaviors • Policies and interventions
What does NCCPA stand for?
National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants
How many CME must a PA-C log in?
100 CME every two years
Differentiate between Category I and Category II CMEs?
• Category I: Activity or provider is preapproved; sometimes involves direct patient care • Category II: any other education or self-learngin activity pursued outside employment (reading medical journals, post-grad work, precepting)
What are the requirements for the 100 CME hours?
• at least 50 category 1 hours (40 hrs must be clinical) • 80 of 100 hours must be clinical
What are the 2 ways to recertify?
• PANRE: 5 hour test • Pathway II: take-home exam, open book, with 6 weeks to complete