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What were the 3 "H" associated with HIV in the 80s?
homosexuals, Haitians, hemophilias
Heterosexual transmission accounts for what percentage of all HIV infections worldwide?
How many are infected with HIV worldwide?
40 million
HIV is the leading cause of death among Americans of what age group?
25-44 years-old
What are some emotional complications associated with HIV?
depression, aggression, anxiety, isolation
True/False: Women are more likely to transmit HIV
Women are more likely to contract HIV. Men are more likely to transmit HIV The correct answer is: False
What are modes of transmission of HIV?
- blood products - intravenous drug abuse (IVDA) - sexual contact via exchange of body fluids - accidental needle sticks
What are some routine lab test to order to test for HIV?
- HIV + serology - CBC - VDRL (used to screen for syphilliis) or RPR - viral load - Chest X-ray - Chem 20 - Hepatitis serology - CMV serology - Toxoplasma IgG - Pap Smear - PPD test - CD4 count
What CD4 count indicates an increased chance of HIV?
CD4 < 500
What are some disorders of the eye found in patients with HIV?
CMV and herpes in the eye
When do you change HIV therapy?
- either if the viral load goes up - if CD4 goes down - if the patient has recurrent infections
What is the definition domestic violence?
any intentional, controlling behavior consisting of physical, sexual, or psychological assaults in the context of an intimate relationship
What age group of women are most likely to be abused?
What are the 3 stages of the battering cycle?
1. Tension Building Phase 2. Violent Phase 3. Honeymoon Phase
What is the definition of sexual dysfunction?
- disturbances in sexual desire - disturbances in the psychological changes that characterize the sexual response cycle - cause marked distress and interpersonal difficulty
What are the 3 parts of the sexual response cycle?
1. Desire 2. Excitement 3. Orgasm
Name the 2 types of sexual desire disorders
1. Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder - an inhibition of sexual fantasies 2. Sexual Aversion - persistent or recurrent aversion to all genital sexual contact with a sexual partner
What is the definition of sexual arousal disorder?
persistent or recurrent inabilty to attain, or maintain,m an adequate lubrication-swelling response of sexual excitement in females and adequate erections in males
What is Vaginismus?
- blockage of the vaginal opening caused by spasms of the pelvic floor muscles which surround the vagina - penetration is impossible or painful due to blockage
What is the most common form of sexual dysfunction for males in the US between ages 18-59?
premature ejaculation
What are some of the treatments for premature ejaculation?
- counseling and sex therapy - Prilocain-Lidocaine topical cream, SSRIs
What is the definition of sexuality?
- a positive intergral part of who you are as a person - a healthy aspect of your personality
List 2 myths of sexual awareness
1. almost all people are sexually knowledgeable and comfortable 2. sexual problems are rare
What percentage of married couples and unmarried people report sexual dysfunction and dissatisfaction?
50% of married couples 65% of unmarried people
True/False: Young people generally have less sexual difficulties than older couples
Young couples have as many if not more sexual difficulties as older couples The correct answer is: False
What are the 4 parts of the Masters and Johnson Sexual Response Cycle?
- excitement - plateau - orgasmic - resolution
What is the definition of sexual orientation?
sexual attraction, includes fantasies, desire for sex, affection, and love
What is homophobia?
irrational fear, hatred, and/or prejudice against homsexuals
State 4 myths regarding sex and aging
1. menopause ends sexual desire in females 2. middle age women who values sexual pleasure and intercourse is viewed as "oversexed" 3. men who do not get immediate strong erections or feel a lessened need to ejaculate are believed to be "burnt out" 4. sex is for the young and beautiful
What is fetishism?
Fetishism is described as the abnormal sexual gratification in the presence of an inanimate object or a human body part
What is transvertism?
cross-dressing or dressing in drags describes a behavior of people dressing in clothes of a gender that is different from the gender they were assigned (usually at birth) or the gender they are living in
What is the definition of pedophila?
Pedophilia is the sexual attraction to pre/peri-pubescent children age 13 years or younger
What is the difference between zoosexuality and zoophilia?
- Zoosexuality is the act of having sex with an animal - Zoophilia is the affinity or attraction towards an animal
What is sexual masochism?
The feeling of sexual arousal or excitement resulting from receiving pain, the act of suffering, or feelings of humiliation
What is sadism?
the feeling of sexual excitement and arousal that results from the administration of pain, suffering, dominating, or humiliation of another person
What is the definition of voyeurism?
The act of achieving sexual excitement by observing unsuspecting individuals who are naked, disrobing, or engaging in sexual activity
What is the definition of frotteurism?
Receiving sexual gratification from rubbing or touching a non-consenting person with one's genitalia
What is the definition of incest?
Incest is defined as sexual activity between close family members