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Reinforcement Contingency
The response contingent presentation of a reinforcer resulting in an increased frequency of that response
Behavioral Contingency
The occasion for a response, the response, and the outcome of the response.
The error or reification
to call a behavior or process a thing
Medical Model Myth
an erroneous view of human behavior, that is always a mere symptom of an underlying psychological condition.
Reinforce behavior
reinforce behavior not people
thing, even, change of condiditon
the delivery of the reinforcer and the resulting change in behavior
the phase of an experiment or intervention where the behavior is measured in the absence of an intervention.
Response Contingent
Caused by the response or produced by the response
a causal relationship
To be Contingent
Means to be caused by
Environmental Quality-general rule
You can increase the frequency of entering a setting by putting more reinforcers in that setting but you will have to make some reinforers contingent on productive behavior if you want to increase productivity in that setting.
Reinforcement Contingency
The presentation or an increase of a reinforcer promptly following a response resulting in an increased frequency of that response on similar occasions and w/ similar motivation operating.