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balance attachment and exploration

increasing autonomy/individualism
uses transition(comfort) objects for self-soothing and coping with separation

attach relationship supports progressive social development
Social development
toddler is egocentric and wants autonomy

begins to understand reciprocity

beings to understand expectations
Language dvlpt
burst of language after 18months

limitations in language are a common source of frustration

2-3 word sentences used
symbolic commentary on child's experiences

represent and emotionally discharge rxns to stressful situations
in toddlers
1. dydadic reg thru attachment
2. self-stimulation
3. play to master stress
4. imitating parents ways of managing stress
Moral Dvlpt
1. discrepancy b/w child's wishes and parents limits
2. control behavior to avoid punishment and gain praise
3. internalization of standards
begins with moral development around 18months-3 years
Sense of Self
self assertion
recognize self in mirror (18 months to 2 years)

autonomous language use (I, me, my, mine) at 2-3 years

gender identity with phallic stage at 2-3years