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Medicines impact sexual function
affects patient compliance
herbal products
important to illicit from history, lots of people use them
Thorough and Careful History
1. define the problem
2. check prescription drugs, herbal remidies, psych issues, medical problems, illegal drugs
3. **Marriage problems need to be treated first. then go to a more specific treatment
Arousal Disorders in Females
1. often due to husband
2. woman is not stimulated properly
3. encourage woman to talk to her partner in sensitive way, guide them
thought vaginal stimulation was most important.
He was wrong
Clitoral is equally/more impt than vaginal stim
Female Orgasm Disorders
1. Primary- has never had an orgasm before.
-most likely because of not
having proper stimulation
-can be fixed
2. Secondary- had an orgasm previously but cant now
-can be phys or psych/emot
or relationship problem
Sexual Desire Disorders
1. Hyperactive sexuality- sex addiction, constantly seeking gratification. usually not seen
2. Hypoactive sexuality- mostly women.
-Hormonal, depression,
-**Usually the enviroment
focus on the enviroment the individual is in. make things more inviting

sensate focus technique, start-stop, systematic desens
Avoidance of sexual behavior
view that certain things are unclean
previous sexual assault
Classical conditioning
Paraphilias may develop this way
uncondit/conditioned stimulus/response
Pain disorders
1. men-almost always a physical problem/abnormality
2. Women- maybe physical, but OFTEN there is a psychological component
pain during intercourse
they correlate sex with pain
need to be reconditioned
Interventions for Paraphilias
1. Aversion therapy
-works in theory/lab, but
doesnt generalize very well
2. Hypnosis- not effective for
3. Orgasmic reconditioning
Orgasmic reconditioning
1. masterbate to paraphylic target
2. before orgasm, switch to normal picture/object
3. after orgasm, continue masterbating to paraphylic object- will cause pain
Taking sexua history
1. establish its ok to talk about sex
2. evaluate sexual function
3. clarify misconceptions
4. identify sexual concerns and possible complications (ie-meds)
Physician Behavior
1. be comfortable using common language
2. open ended questions. close ended questions only used for specifics
3. Non-judgemental
4. clarify ambiguous terms
Areas to cover in interview
1. establish patient attitude toward sex
2. assess relationship factors
3. identify psychological aspects
4. ask about previous sexual experiences
5. ask what patient expects
Areas of Conflict
1. teenage sexuality
-In alabama, age 14 has ability to make decisions
2. homosexuality
3. transgender- born into the wrong body
4. birth control- ie problems with ethical disagreements
5. be comfortable with sexual variations

*If you dont know what to do, REFER OUT