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liberal sexuality reflective of their upper class value structure
conservative sexually
reflective of middle-class backlash to previous promiscuous age
quality of sex life
important to consider when deciding on medical interventions and treatments

impacts patient compliance
coronary artery disease
clogged peripheral arteries decrease blood flow to genitals
affect vasculature and especially erection in males
injury to vasculature impedes erection and periph blood flow
chronic pain, can inhibit sexual motivation
Neurological disorders affecting sex
dementia, multiple sclerosis, ALS, Parkinson's, Huntington's, epilepsy (comfort in sex effected)
no anxiety=dec performance
a little bit of anxiety=increases performance
way too much anxiety=dec performance

'circular relationship'
psychiatric illness
anxiety, depression, bipolar, mult personality disorder (cant relax in sex), schizophrenia

lots of antipsych drugs affect sexual performance
Physical disfigurements
can affect BOTH partners
immune disorders
arthritis, Lupus, Chronic Fatigue syn, cancer, etc
Urological diseases
renal failure, cystitis, incontinence

Prostatitis- has a direct effect
Peyronie's Disease
scarring/blockage of erectile tissue or vasculature causes partial/no erections in isolated tissue. results in a bent or crooked penis during erection

Bill Clinton
Gynecological conditions
atypical bleeding
genital warts/HPV
increased vaginal dryness
necessary to use lube
infections of vagina
inflammation and pain
Direct- ie prostate surgeries
Indirect- affect self image
double edge sword, delecate balance

Reduces inhibitions
Reduces responsivity
Psychological Interventions
can give unintended consequences from a change in a system

ie-treating depression makes someone go from hypo to hypersexual

affects relationships
Hyperprolactineia- too much prolactin, vag dryness, affects sexual functioning
erectile dysfunction, delay orgas, diminish interest

can help premature ejaculators
CNS depressents
affect sexual drive/activity
decrease blood pressure
impacts quality of erection
can cause generic drying in women
psychosocial interventions
marital/couples therapy
physical therapy
pain-->inhibits sexual activity

reduce pain--->inc sex
Pain disorders
primary or secondary
sexual arousal from/by an inappropriate object or individual
sexual arousal by an object b/c of powerful association

ie- keys or shoes
sexual arousal associated with a body part that is not normally sexual

ie- ear lobe, arch of foot

NOT same as a fetish
sexual arousal from wearing clothing of opposite gender
sexual arousal from/by inappropriate OBJECT

Not necessarily a problem unless getting in way of life or law

It is a disorder when it inverferes with daily function
random/habitual/addictive type of sex
Don Juanism
individual views themself as a fantastic lover and pursues many people
"Did I agree to this" type of disorders
refers to people or other objects that dont give consent

zoophilia, pedophilia, necrophilia
often associated with prepubescent children

very hard to treat. Recidivism is extremely high

a few social groups find this accceptable
sexual arousal from bumping genitalia against someone. or surreptitiously taking hold of a sexual body part
sexual arousal by watching other people in sexually explicit situation

usually relatively harmless
sexual arousal from flashing people and seeing their reactions

arousal is from seeing another person's shock/response
sexual arousal from obscene phone calls

they invision that you enjoy this even though they dont know who you are

protest, defense, anger only encourages them
sexual arousal from urinating or being urinated on

'water sports' 'golden showers'
sexual arousal from defecation eith on someone or by someone
sexual arousal from enemas

illustrated in the movie 'The Road to Wellville'
sexual arousal from giving or receiving pain

generally practiced at lower levels in our society

Dominatrix- women in black leather that discipline/beat men

mild forms are common
sexual arousal from giving or receiving pain

often the massochist is an educated white male (?)

usually a cue/signal for stopping
Paraphilia progression
people that engage in paraphilias usually dont engage in more serious sexual aggression

HOWEVER, sexual violent criminals may have engaged in sexual paraphilias in the past
Masters and Johnson
analyzed numerous sexual disorders

stated that disorders have a physical, psychological, and/or social component
Apply Biopsychosocial Model to sexual illness
states that disorders have a physical, psychological, and/or social component

ie- erectile dysfunction can have a phys, psych, and social aspect
1. Rule out physiological problems first
-may be underlying or indirect
2. Take a thorough medical/social history
3. Understand the environment. may be relationship problems
Masters and Johnson
suggested trying to treat relationship issues if they exist by extensive therapy

if no strong physical evidence for dysfunction, proceed to behavioral treatment strategy
Behavioral Treatment Strategy
*a good relationship is impt for these
1. Sensate focus- put intercouse on back burner, take away performance/demand anxiety
2. Start/Stop Technique- apply stimulation to achieve erection, let it go down, repeat. reduces anxiety about getting an erection
Start/Stop Technique
used for erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculators

Reconditioning: reduces perfomance anxiety by exposure and fine tuning ability to recognize sensations
Premature Ejaculation
less than 2 minutes of active thrusting before ejaculation
pain disorder
outer 1/3 of vaginal muscles contract, preventing penetration

either from pain/trauma or attitude inhib relaxation
Systematic Desensitization
effective treatment of Vaginisums. desensitize her reflex response.
start with small cylinder and move up to size of penis