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Sexual identity?
Biological sex characteristics, everyone is first a female, then differentiate into males
conviction of maleness and femaleness, by age 2-3, Reults from cues in environment, parental and cultural attitudes, external genitalia and genetics
Gender Role?
Actions to disclose gender
Medial Preoptic neurons and sexual dimorphism?
Male typical behavior
Ventromedial Nucleus an sexual dimorphism?
Female typical behavior, nucleus not larger in females,
Spinal cord dimorphisms?
Increase neurons to the ischiocavernosus and bulbocavernosus, death of otor neurons in female
Three nuclei of anterior hypothalamus?
INAH 1: not dimorphic
INAH 2: possible dimorphic
INAH 3: definitely dimorphic
Plays vital role in male typical behavior
Endocrine and Medial preoptic nucleus?
androgen and estrogen recepors, enzyme aromatase(Androgen to Estrogen)
Endocrine and Ventromedial nucleus?
Estrogen primes it, increasing progesterone receptors
Phases of sexual response cycle?
Desire, Arousal, orgasm, resolution
Adrenergic system and sexual response cycle?
Alpha 1 causes detumescence, blockage causes erection, erectile dysfunction with adrenergic antiHTN drugs, Ephedrine facilitates sexual arousal in women
Dopaminergic system and sexual response cycle?
DA in ventral striatum increases sexual arousal
DA in dorsal striatum increases intromission and ejaculation
Faclitates sexual desire and ejaculation
Cholinergic syystem and sexual response cycle?
Cholinergic antagonist cause erectile dysfunction
serotenergic system and sexual response cycle?
SSRI's cause sexual disfunction
Noradrenergic system and sexual response cycle?
Yohimbe causes release of NE and improve ED and increases quality of orgasm and desire
Testosterone and sexual response cycle?
Increases male libido, activate DA and inhibit 5-HT, involved in desire, not erectile function
Estrogens and sexual response cycle?
Not a direct role, regulates NO synthesis expression
Progesterone and sexual response cycle?
Inhihibits sexual desire
Prolactin in males and sexual response cycle?
Low libido and impotence
Prolactin in females and sexual response cycle?
Decrease desire, lubrication and orgasm
Oxytocin and sexual response cycle?
Plays role in orgasm