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Components of a sound Pychological test?
Standardizatin: explicit procedures
Projective Test?
examiner has to gues what subject is thinking, open ended
Examples of Projective tests?
Roschach Inkblot test
Thematic Apperception Test
Roberts apperception test for children(scene with people)
Rotter incomplete scentences
Objective Test
Subject asked what examiner is thinking
Minnesota mutiphasic personality inventory
Millon Behavioral medicine diagnostic
Personality self report
Wechsler Adult intelligence scale
IQ test, intelligence apptitudes
Beck depressive inventory
Profine of mood state
symptom scales, self-report
wechsler memory scale, dementia rating scale
examiner, multi-tast neuropschological
IQ test uses?
Assess MR, learning disabilities, acquired brain damage and dementia
IQ of mentaly retarded
70, average is 100 and SD is 15
test to rule out somatiform disorder?
test to rule out dementia as of paaranoid delusions?
neuropsych testing
Anticipate/recognize pychosocial response?
Beck depresion inventory
Recognize bariers to compliance?
Millon behavioral medicine diagnostic
Establish capacity to consent to dreatment?
Dementia rating scale