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Wernicke-Korsakoff Psychosis
chronic alcoholics
80% LT effects, 17% die
Symptoms of WK Psychosis
1. Bilateral paralysis of abducens nucle
-bilat internal strabismus
2. Paralysis of conjugate gaze
-cant move eyes in horiz
3. Ataxia
incoordination of lower extremities
4. Global confusion state
5. Nystagmus
Alcholics malabsorb

Inhibits transketolase activity esp in hexose-monophosphate shunt
inhibits MLF (ipsi 6 contra 3)

Neurologic LT effects of Alcohol
1. atrophy of ant vermis of the cerebellum
2. profound dementia
3. LT and ST memory loss
4. Confabulation (make up stories to fill in gaps)
5. Petachial hemmorages
6. Destruction of mammilary bodies bilaterally
7. Interupted Papez's Loop
8. hemorhages in PAQ Grey matter
9. damage dorsal medial nuc of thalmus
Found normal in chronic alcoholics
Kluver-Bucy Syndrome
1. Herpes simplex destroys medial temporal lobes
esp amygdala and HC
2. profound dementia
3. no new memories
inhibit of Papez's Loop
4. Psychic Blindness
Diseases that interupt Papez's Loop
1. Alzheimer's
2. Akinetic Mutism
-damage ant cingulate gyri
3. Kluver-Bucy Syndrome
Psychic Blindness
seen in Kluver-Bucy Syndrome and Paraneoplastic limbic encephalitis

dont understand what they see, examine everything orally

Occipital lobe-->OT Long Assoc Bundles-->Temporal Lobe
Lesions in Left Frontal Lobe
Cause Major depression

no overt symptoms b/c anterior to motor cortex
-can be unpresenting tumor
incapacitating for at least 2 weeks
*3 Vegetative Signs
1. dec sleep
2. dec appetite
3. dec libido
visualize microvascular blood flow

decreased blood flow in depression and schizophrenia
Lesions in Right Frontal Lobe
result in Mania
symptoms: sleeplessness, very creative, promiscous, impaired judgement
Possible cortical irritants
Blood from hemmorhage
Paranoid Schizophrenia
1. dec sup temporal gyrus vol
2. auditory hallucinations
Planum Temporale
caudal/post to heschel's gyrus in superior temporal lobe
involved in language and music
1. auditory cortex miswired
dec in vol
2. Ventricles much larger
3. dec blood flow to frontal oortex
Unique emotional responses
connections b/w temporal lobe, amygdala, and hippocampus
Pick's Disease
1. degenerative disorder of CNS
2. affects Frontal and/or Temporal lobes
3. NEVER effects Parietal/Occipital
4. Frontal Lobes affected first
Pick's Disease Symptoms
1. early 50s, more prev in women
2. behavioral problems precede dementia
3. Autosomal dominant (maybe)
4. Frontal Disinhibition (*)
5. cannot control what they do or say
6. incontinent
Pick's Vs. Alzheimer's
Alz-->effects ALL Lobes of brain
Picks-->only effects Frontal and Temporal

Alz--> disease of association cortex
Picks-->Lobar degen disorder