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Personality traits of children who are victims of bullying and who have depression.
1. judgmental
2. dogmatic
3. angry
4. low self-esteem
5. dependency
6. negative cognitive styles
7. negative temperament
Duration of depression in children who see psychiatrist vs. children who do not.
1. See psychiatrist: 7-9 mos.
2. No psychiatrist: 1-2 mos.
Predictors of longer duration childhood depression
1. comorbidities
2. severe depression
3. death of parent
4. parental psychiatric D/Os
5. poor psychosocial function
Predictors of whether child will convert from depression to bipolar disorder
1. early onset
2. very profound depression
3. psychomotor retardation
4. become disorganized and psychotic
5. family Hx of psychotic depression
6. heavy familial loading for mood disorders
7. pharmacologically induced hypomania (from antidepressant Rx)
Psychotic depression: Tx considerations compared to depression without psychosis
1. usually more severe/chronic
2. usually resistant to treatment with just one drug
Psychotic depression common comorbidities
bipolar and/or psychotic illness