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Group Research Design
The experiment is conducted with at least two groups of subjects. And the data are usually presented in terms of the mean of the performance of all subjects combined for each group.
Control Group
A group of subjects not exposed to the presumed crucial value of the independent variable.
The time from beginning and to the end of a response.
the differential-reinforcement procedure
Reinforcing one set of responses and extinguishing another set of responses.
Response Dimensions
The physical properties of a response.
Single-Subject Research Design
The entire experiment is conducted with a single subject, though it may be replicated with several other subjects.
The time between the signal for a response and the beginning of the response.
Process vs. Product
Give feedback and reinforcers for the details of the process, not just the product. Do this when you can't get quality products of sufficient quantity, though you've provided feedback and reinforcers contingent on those products.
Response Class
A set of responses that either a.) are similar on at least one response dimension, or b.) share the effects of reinforcement and punishment, or c.) serve the same function (produce the same outcome).
Task Analysis
An analysis of complex behavior adn sequences of behavior into component responses.
Response Topography
The sequence, form, or location of components of a response relative to the rest of teh body.
Variable-Time Stimulus Presentation
The presentation of a stimulus, with variable periods of time between presentations, independent of teh occurrence of a response.
Experimental Group
A group of subjects exposed to the presumed crucial value of the independent variable.
the differential punishment procedure
Punishing one set of responses and allowing another set of responses to recover.