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The primary goal of science is to...
determine causal relationships
its why we use the scientific method.
Environmental events
Behavioral events
Another name for a cause and effect relationship is...
Functional relationship
as opposed to a structural approach
Behavior analysts perfer to measure behavior, how?
directly (laboratory experiments)
as opposed to indirectly (surveys, questionaires)
Response rate
# of responses/ (per unit) time
Cummulaitive recorder
a device used to measure ongoing rate of behavior, as it is related to real time.
very useful to uncover hidden patterns of responses
For an effect to be considered real it must:
a.) observable in all subjects
b.) experimentally determined (correlational wont cut it)
c.) visible to the naked eye
3 things
Behavior Analysis is more intersted in studying
A few subjects for a long period of time.
Many or few subjects for short or long periods of time...???
Within subject design where we use A-B-A-B technique
Reversal (withdrawal)
Describe A-B-A-B
First (A) baseline is established without no effects of an independent variable in (B) the results are recorded as the independent variable is operationalized. In (A) again, we would like to see baseline and then recovery in (B)
Name 1 disadvantage and one advantage of reversal design.
Advantage: Straightforward; yields conclusive results

Disadvantage: Not useful in irreversible effects
disadvantage= ethical concearns
Within subject design where baseline is recoreded and successive independent variable are presented and responses recorded
Multiple baseline
Give one advantage and one disadvantage to Multiple baseline
disadvantage: Do not rely on a return to baseline (can be quite confusing as to what or which independent variable is causing the response.

Advantage: Do not rely on return to baseline.
Within subject design where different LEVELS of an independent variable are tried and recorded
Parametric Design