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Predictor of difficulties in adolescence
difficulties in latency period
ie- elementary school age
pattern of development in adolescence


lead to stress
Most rapid period of development

2nd most rapid period
1. infancy-->years 5 or 6

2. Adolescence
bridge from childhood to adulthood

age 11 or 12
can be at 9 or 10
Tanner Stages
measure of sexual development
Stages 1-5

men based on:
1. penis size
2. scrotal size
3. pubic hair

1. breast development
2. pubic hair
Tanner Stage 1
ht inc at 5-6cm/yr
testis less than 4ml
no pubic hair
no penis growth
Tanner Stage 2
ht inc 5-6cm/yr
testes at 4ml
coarse pubic hair, minimal
earliest inc in penis (11-12yrs)
Tanner Stage 3
ht inc 7-8cm/yr (12.5-14yrs)
testes 12ml
pubic hair
penis increasing
voice breaks, muscle mass inc
possible gynecomastia
Tanner Stage 4
peak rate of ht inc at 10cm/yr
adult pubic hair
axillary hair
Tanner Stage 5
Full development by age 17 for men
no further ht inc
adult distribution of pubic hair
mature genitals by 16.5
full development by 16 for women
-usually 1-2 years ahead of boys
brain changes
parallel cognitive dvlpt
stage of formal ops is highest, seen in adolescence

cortical brain changes, pruning of synapses
concrete ops
ages 7-11
capacity to think linearly and concretely
which Erikson stage are adolescents in?
identity v role confusion
early adolescent sexuality
girls dvlp faster than boys

mvmt towards heterosexuality with fear of homosexuality
later adolescent sexuality
feelings of love and passion
more serious relationships
firmer sense of sexual identity

inc capacity for tenderness and love
Sexual development begins?
very early in childhood
sexual attraction starts at age 10
homosexual attraction/fantasy also begins around age 10
Ideas on latency
it is a misnomer
there is still an interest in girls and boys, it is just covered up
adolescent sexuality really emerges
with hormonal changes
can no longer ignore it
early adolescent morals/rules
1. limits/rule testing
2. capacity for abstract
3. interst in role model
4. some experiment with drugs/alcohol
later adolescent morals/rules
1. greater capacity for goal setting
2. inc interst in moral reasoning
3. able to use insight/integration
4. inc dignity and self-esteem
5. time of omnipotence
6. time of feeling insignificant
two extreems (Janus)
1. feelings of omnipotence and power

2. feelings of insignificance
Psychological tasks
1. realistic body image
2. inc independence
3. inc relationships outside family
4. greater self-identity
Psych illness
major psych illness present in adolescence
-up to 20% of adolescents

very treatable if caught early
Most common psych disorders for adolescents
1. major depression
2. anxiety
3. eating disorders
what psych aspect decreass in adolescence?
egocentric view dec
later adolescence future interests/work habbits
1. more defined
2. concern for future/planning
3. importance of role in life
4. how to leave family
5. deal with loss
Adolescense similar to which greek god, why?
janus- two faces

one looks forward-adulthood
one looks inward-childhood
Psychiatric Issues in early adolescence (11-13)
1. upsurge in oedipal struggle
2. inc masterbation, tempation
3. struggles in sexuality
4. distance from parents
5. inc peer-group play
6. inc moody, irritable, messy
7. episodes of progression and regression
psych issues in Middle Adolescence (15-16)
1. detachment from parents
2. inc capacity for abstract thought
3. omnipotence, melancholy
4. **tremendous iealism and altruism
5. inc sexual attraction
psych issues in later adolescence
1. plans for education and career
2. inc interest in serious relationships