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giving immunizations is an example of what kind of prevention?
primary: you are preventing the disease by removing risk factors
a pap smear is an example of what type of prevention?
secondary: detecting the disease when it is still asymptomatic, and treatmet can affect a cure
the use of a beta-adrenergic drug is an example of what kind of prevention?
tertiary: a tx and rehab measure aimed at preventing further progress of the disease
what are the 3 causes of death in our society today?
heart disease
what were the top 3 causes of death in the 1900's?
what are the requirements for PA-C CME?
100 CME q 2 years
NCCPA stands for?
National Comission on Certification of Physician ASSISTANTS
acting to enhance well being, in the patient's best interest?
goals of HEALTHY people 2000?
Reduce infant mortality
Increase life expectancy
avoiding harm to patients, "do no harm"
what are the 4 main bioethical principals?
what were the goals of healthy people of 1979?
health promotion
disease prevention
what are the goals of healthy people 2010?
increase quality of life
increase rate of advancement
eliminate health disparities
a method that suggests the establishment of a race with less mental disorders/chromosomal defects?
Eugenic sterilization
where is the concept of "informed consent" said to originate ?
the nuremberg Trials in Germany
the philosophical branch of belief that supports the meaning of ethical concepts as GOOD AND EVIL
two ways to recert?
Pathway II
when was the NCCPA founded?
1975 by the board of med.
how long must you wait after graduation to take the PANCE exam?
7 day window
what should you bring to the exam on test day?
scheduling permit (that you receive after registration)
Picture ID
how many questions on the PANCE?
(60 do not count)
true/false: if you dont know the answer for one of the PANCE exam questions, just guess.
TRUE. wrong answers dont count against you
what are the two reasons stated in class that it is justified to withhold the truth?
1. if you think patient will become suicidal "therapeutic privledge"
2. if p signed an informed consent to not be told
what is the blueprint of the PANCE content?
7 categories of knowledge/skills

13 categories of diseases/disorders/assessments
what is a category I CME?
the activity or provider is preapproved by the AAPA, ACCME, AAFP or AOACCME...someone paid for your participation
what is a category II CME?
any other educational or self learning activity pursued outside of your employment
what are the requirement of the 100 CME's q 2years?
at least 50 hours Category I

at least 80 of the 100 hours must be clinical
any CME activity who's content is directly related to medicine or patient care
CLINICAL CME: the vast majority of the CME offered is this type
any CME activity who's content is not medical in nature but is related to your role as a PA
legislative issues
CPT coding/billing
an open-book take home exam, that is allowed 6 weeks to complete?
the PATHWAY II exam
for re-certification in year 5/6
a test that allows 5 hours for completion in a Prometric testing center?
for re-certification in year 5/6
what is the life expectancy of today?
77 years baby
which country has the longest life expectancy?
JAPAN: for both men and women
which country has the shortest life expectancy?
the U.S.
tied with Ireland for males
what is "healthy people 2010" firmly dedicated to?
the principle that regardless of health disparities, every person in every community across the nation deserves equal access to comprehensive, culturally competent, community-based health care systems that are committed to serving the needs of the individual and promoting community health
what are the main focus of objectives of the healthy people 2010?
intervention to eliminate illnesses
improving access to quality health care
strengthening public health services
improvng the availability and dissemination of helath-related info
this means that the health care practitioner has a duty or obligation to promote the health and well being of the patient above all other considerations?
"this" deals with examining specific controversial issues such as abortion, homosexuality, capital punishment, cloning, euthanasia, stem cell research and transplantation?
Applied ethics
when is it appropriate to breach a patients confidentiality?
to protect a third party from harm
when it is in the best interest of the patient
if you receive a court subpoena
what is the minimum requirements of "informed consent"
the patient has a right to have adequate info about care:
-nature of medical cond
-obj of the proposed tx
-treatment options
-possible outcomes
-risks involved
what are the minimum standards of competence?
-patient must be able to communicate their choice
-patient must have adequate factual understanding of the info relevant to the decision
-patient must appreciate implications of dec.
-patient must be able to manipulate relevant info rationally
pa's should provide patients with the opportunity to plan for end of life care including:
advance directives
living wills
power of attorney
organ donation