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What does "UML" stand for?
Unified Modeling Language
What is Static Modeling
Static modeling captures the physical structure of a piece of software. For example: what operations and attributes a class contains, what interfaces a class realizes, or what packages contain all this.
Class structures
Why are class diagrams important.
Class diagrams are often the focus of a UML Model
What is the purpose of composite structures
Composite structures are specifically designed to represent patterns
What is the purpose of behavioral modeling?
Behavioral modeling captures how the various elements of a system interact during execution.
What is OCL
Object Constraint Language (OCL), a simple language defined to express constraints on UML diagrams.
What is the most common use of UML?
the Unified Modeling Language (UML) is a visual language for capturing software designs and patterns.
Designs and Pattersn
What uses other than software design can UML be used for?
UML can capture and communicate everything from company organization to business processes to distributed enterprise software.
organization and structure
What is the overall purpose of UML?
a common way of capturing and expressing relationships, behaviors, and high-level ideas in a notation that's easy to learn and efficient to write.
high level ideas, visual
What was the first version of UML released? When?
In 1997, UML was accepted by the Object Management Group (OMG) and released as UML v1.1.
Hired on to MS. Oh My God (OMG) v1.1
What does OMG stand for?
Object Management Group
UML is a language, why?
It has both syntax and semantics
structure and meaning
What is the basic building block of UML.
the diagram
Where does UML find its greatest use?
Software development
What does MDA stand for?
Model Driven Architecture
Tommy Smothers
Who was the Three Amigos
Three Amigos, Booch, Rumbaugh, and Jacobson
What is Diagram Interchange Specification.
provides a way to share UML models between different modeling tools.
What is the UML Infrastructure?
The UML Infrastructure defines the fundamental, low-level, core, bottom-most concepts in UML; a metamodel that is used to produce the rest of UML.
What is the UML Superstructure
The UML Superstructure is the formal definition of the elements of UML
Define UML proficiency
Becoming proficient with UML means understanding what each diagram has to offer and knowing when to apply it.
How, when and why.
What is a UML profile?
A collection of stereotypes and constraints on elements that map the otherwise generic UML to a specific problem domain or implementation.
What are the two general types of diagrams used in UML?
UML 2.0 divides diagrams into two categories: structural diagrams and behavioral diagrams.
structure and behavior