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What does the cardiovascular system do?
It transports materials to and from your cells.
What does "cardio" mean?
What does "vascular" mean?
What are the 3 parts that make up the cardiovascular system?
blood, heart, blood vessels
What is blood?
Connective tissue made up of 2 types of cells, cell parts, and plasma
What is plasma?
The fluid part of blood.

Mixture of water, minerals, nutrients, sugars, proteins, & other substances.

RBCs, WBCs, & platelets float in plasma.
What are red blood cells?
Each RBC contains hemoglobin, which gives RBCs their color.
They are the most abudnant cells in blood.
They contain oxygen & carry it throughout the body.
They're made in bone marrow.
No nucleus. Live about 4 months.
What are white blood cells?
WBCs destroy pathogens & help clean wounds.
Some WBCs engulf pathogens. Others release antibodies.
Made in bone marrow.
What are platelets?
Platelets are pieces of larger cells found in bone marrow.
Last 5-10 days.
Platelets clump together in damaged areas & form a plug that helps reduce blood loss.
Release chemicals that react with proteins in plasma & cause fibers to form, helping blood clot.
What is the heart?
Muscular organ in center of chest cavity.
Pumps oxygen-poor blood to lungs & oxygen-rich blood to the body.
It is the size of your fist.
What are the upper chambers of the heart called?
Atria (plural). Each is an atrium.
What are the lower chambers of the heart called?
What are blood vessels?
Hollow tubes that transport blood. There are 3 types: arteries, capillaries, veins.
What are arteries?
Blood vessels that direct blood away from the heart. Their walls contain smooth muscle. As blood pumps, they are strong enough to withstand the pressure.
What is your pulse?
The rhythmic change in blood pressure.
What are capillaries?
Smallest blood vessels.
1/10 the diameter of a strand of human hair.
One cell thick--blood cells pass through them in single file.
What are veins?
Blood vessels that direct the blood back to the heart. When skeletal muscles contract, they squeeze veins and help push blood toward the heart.
What is pulmonary circulation?
Blood flow between your heart & lungs.
What is systemic circulation?
Blood flow between the heart and the rest of the body (not lungs).
What is blood pressure?
The force exerted by blood on the inside walls of a blood vessel.
What is systolic blood pressure?
The pressure inside large arteries when the ventricles contract.
What is diastolic blood pressure?
The pressure in the arteries when the ventricles relax.