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Distibution Chain
Simply the path followed from the originator of a product or serice to the end consumer
supply chain management
tracks inventory and information among bussiness processes and across companies
supply chain management system
IT system that supports supply chain management activity by automating the tracking of inventory and information among business process
approach that produces or delivers a product of service just at the time the customer wants it
set of processes that plans for and controls the efficient and effective trasportation and storage of supplies from suppliers to customers
collabroatice planning, foecasting, and replenishment
concept that encourages and facilitates collaborative processes between supply chain partners
Application service provider
supplies software applications over the internect that would otherwise reside on its customers in house computers
customer relationship management system
uses information about customers to gain insights into their needs, wants, and behaviors in order to serve them better
sales force automation systems
automatically track all the steps in the sales process
front office systems
primary interface to customers and sales channels
back office systems
used to fulfill and support customer orders and send customer information to the database
business intelligence
knowledge about customers, competitors, partners
business intelligence systems
IT applications and tolls that support the business intelligence function within an oragaization
competitve intelligence
BI focused on external competitve environment
data warehouse
logical collection of information
mart subset of data warehouse in which only a focused portion of the data warehouse information is kept
data-minging tool
software tool you use to query information in a data warehouse
digital dashboard
displays key information gathered from several sources on a computer screen in a format tailored to the needs of the indivdual worker
integrated collaboration environment
environment in which virtual teams do their work
virtual teams
teams whose members are located in caried geographic locations and whose work is supported by specialized ICE
collarboration system
software that is designed speciailly to improve performace of teams by supporting the sharing and flowing of inormation
allaiance partner
companyu your compant does business with
work flow
defines all the steps or business rules required for a business process
work flow system
facilitate the automation and management of buiness processes
document management system
manages a document through all the stages of its processing
knowldge managment system
IT system that supports the captureing, organizing, and dissemination of knowledge
social network systems
IT systems that link you to people you and, from there, to people your contacts
presence awareness
software function tat determines whether a user is immediately reachable or is in a less avalible status
peer-to-peer collaboration software
permits users to communicate in real time and share files without going through a central server
yield managment systems
specialized kind of decision support system designed to maximize the amount of revenue