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General ethic principles
benefiance=do good
Justice=treat all cases alike
non-maleficence= do not harm (recognized as separate principle)
3 Senses of Autonomy
1.Autonomy of Action
2. Autonomy of Freedom of Choice
3. Autonomy as Effective Deliberation
Autonomy of action
occurrent coercion= use of physical force
dispositional coercion= threat of physical harm
Autonomy as effective deliberation
knowing all info.
should not: lie, failure to inform, undue emotional pressure, fail to provide alternatives
Basic Norms of Scientific research
voluntary informed consent
valid research protocol
competence of researcher
identification of consequences
Competence of researcher no-nos
no training in ethics
poor training in research methods
sloppy work
Consequences of research no-nos
no benefit to subjects
no assesment of risks
no need to do research
Types of Nazi research
1. Medio-military (high altitude pressure, freezing/warming exp)
2.Ad-hoc exp. w/out military value (gassing methods)
3.Racially Motivated exp (sterilization)
word "data"/cohen
doesnt do justice to pain
replace w/ image (bar of victim soap)
Sheldon and Whitely
recommend using data if there is very clear evidence that using it will save lives
Folker and Hafner
Nazi data=tokens that convey meaning
recomend scientists not use data, would associate lab w/ heionous meanings but in end, researcher's decision
Cannot use data
Cohen arguments against use of data
Validity: poor science
competency: nazi doctors imcompetent, not trained
cohen recommedation
Data used if benefit to society is great, but not if benefit is trivial
ridley potential arguments against use
Would show disrespect for victims
Condone experiemnts
Encourage others to try simliar exp