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Phineas Gage
Steal bar thru head, prefrontal cortex damage-->no loss in basic reasoning ability, but huge loss in moral behavior
Antonio Damasio
"Descartes Error: Emotion, Reason, and the Human Brain"
studied cases of brain damage, diagnostic tests
Moral Judgement stages
Preconventional (childhood)
stage2:individualization and exchange
Conventional Leven (adolescent)
stage3:interpersonal accord and conformity
stage4:social accord and system maintenance
stage5:social contract,utility, individual rights
stage6:universal principles
somatic-marker hypothesis
thoughts about bad outcomes from a possible response (moral decision) normally trigger emotional/ bodily/ somatic reactions.

somatic reactions draw attention to (mark) negative outcomes to which a given action may lead.
Ethical principles
Beneficence= doing good
Autonomy= self-rule, choose own fate; responsibility
justice= fairness, consistent behavior
"Father" knows best.
Values benefience over autonomy.
Values autonomy (free choice)over benefience.
"its your funeral"
Rational Argument
-proceeds step by step
-will fail if not and if inconsistent or contridictory claims
Can be a starting point or ending point
No guarentee it is right.
Argument and intuition regulate each other.
=sloppy thinking
-Slippery slop
-Persuader words
-Emotive language
-Non sequitur
-Black and white thinking
Slipper slope
Not conclusive or compelling
doesnt allow analysis
if you take step1, no stopping
Argument by analogy
Make sure points of comparison fit well
Persuader words
"Clearly", surely, obviously
Used for rhetorical effect, not arguments
Dont prove anything
Emotive language
"capital punishment= murder"
Word choice not an argument, just an attitude.
Attention getting tool, can be manipulative
Non Sequitur
=Statement that does not follow logically from its premises.
"Therefore no one country has better values"
Could be true, but not an argument.
Black and white thinking
Talking about extreme positions, when there are important intermediate positions.
"if you are not for us, you are against us"
False dichotomy:either all for alcohol or all for health