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describe MOA of amantidine
amantidine binds to influenza A;s M2 protein...we think M2 docks flu A to cell lysosomes leading to digestion of capsid and release of nucleic acid. so since M2 is blocked, the virus cannot attach to lysosomes and uncoat itself
MOA of acyclovir
acyclovir is a DNA SYNTH inhibitor
it is tri phosphorylated by VIRAL specific thymidine kinase (found in HSV, VZV, EBV) look like FTP and incorporated into viral DNA
name 5 protease inhibitors
saquinavir ritonavir indinavir, nelfinavir, fosamprenavir
MOA and use of trifluridine
mimics TTP, so incorporated into viral DNA and INHIBIT VIRAL DNA SYNTH
DOC for herpes keratitis (2nd choic is vidarabine)
what's the standard therapy for chronic HCV?
pegylated INF alpha + ribavirin

pegylated means does not require daily dosing
name the 4 gastritis(es)
Acute erosive - alochol, nsaids, stress
Chronic type A - Fundal - autoimmune, pernicious anemia, Achlorhydria
Chronic type B -Antral - h. pylori
Menetrier's - Thickened mucosa
patient presents with weight loss, arthritis and anemia

Cause? tx?
Whipple dz. - tropheryma whippeli
PAS positive macrophages in mucosa
Tx = penicillin or tetracycline
Risk factors for cholelithiasis
Fat, forty, female, fertile
list the main drugs that cause liver dz 6+1
INH, INF, imidazoles, statins, neviripine, valproate, griseo
list the main drugs that cause BM dz
chemo drugs, INF, zidovudine, ganciclovir, carbamezapine, chloramphenicol, flucytosine
list the main drugs that cause nephrotox
cyclosporine, NSAIDS, aminoglycosides, Amphoteracin B, foscarnet, codifovir
MOA of imidizoles and tox?
MOA - inhibit fungal p450 system - stops formation of ergosterol from ianosterol. cell membrane death
MOA of AmpB
binds ergosterols in membrane
MOA of griseofulvin
stops microtubules and mitotic spindles.