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Drug of choice for osteomyelitis
under 4 months- naf or oxacillin + ceftazidime or cefepime
acyclovir until CSF PCR comes in, if HSV continue acyclovir otherwise switch to specific tx
Meningitis (neonate)
amp + cefotaxime
Meningitis Child or adult
ceftriaxone or cefotaxime + dexamethasone = vanc
meningitis prophylaxis (close contacts)
Hib- rifampin

Neiserria - rifampin, or ceftrioaxone or cipro
otitis externa
ofloxican or polymyxin + neomycin + hydrocortisone or cipro + hydrocortisone all in drop form
Otitits media
amoxicillin if under 2, if over 2 just analgesics
Bacterial conjunctivitis
fluoroquinolone drops (viral no antimicrobial Tx)
Newborn conjunctivitis
1st day, nothing
onset 2nd-4th day- ceftriaxone (gonorhea)
3-10th- erythromcin- chlamydia
2-16 days- trifluridine drops and acyclovir (HSV)
Diarrhea in premature infant
piperacillen + taxobactam or amp + sulbactam
Diarhea post antibiotic use
metronidazole (C Diff)
Diarrhea following travel
fluroquinolones or rifaximin, prophylaxs is FQ with imodium
Acute bronchiutis
antitussives +/- inhlaed B2 agonists
Anthrax prophylaxis
ciprofloxican (also in kids)
Pneumonia in neonates (hospitalized with CAP) empiric
amp + gentamicin +/- cefotaxime (+ vanc if MRSA suspected)
PNeumonia in 1-3 months old (hospitalized with CAP) empiric
eryhtomcyin of axithromcyin
pnemonia 5-18 (empiric)
ceftriaxone + azithromycin +/- vanc
CAP in adults, hospitalized
ceftriaxone or ertapenem + azithyromycin
prostatitis tx
under 35- ceftriaxone then doxycyline

Over 35- FQ or TMP-SMX
Sepsis empiric therapy neonates
amp + cefotaxime if under a week, if over a week amp + ceftriaxone or cefotaxime
Sepsis mpiric treatment in child
van + either cefotzime or ceftraiaxone
Sepsis empiric tretament in adult
carbapenem plus vancomycin
Tx of UTI
outpatient TMP-SMX,
inpatient FQ
Pregnant patient- nitrofurantoin
Tx of human or animal bite
ampicillin-clavulanic acid
B. cereus infection
vancomycin or clindamycin
Borellia burgdorferi
doxycline alt. eryhtromycin
Campylobacter jejuni
1st eryhrthromcyin alt. any FQ
miconazole for skin/vag, flucanoze for systemic
chlamydia trachomatis
doxycycline, azithromycin is an alternate (pregnancy, kids under 8)
C diff
metronidazole, alt. vancomycin BOTH PO
Corynebacterium diphteheria
Gardenerella vaginallis
metronizdazole alt, tinidazole
hemophillus ducreyi
azithromycin or ceftriaxone
cefotaxime or ceftriaxone
Mycoplasma pneumonia
neiseria gonorhea
ceftriaxone, ALWAYS with doxycline added,( empiric for chlamydia)
Neiserria menigitidis
Pen G
Bacillus anthracis
penicillin once proven sensitive, ciprofloxican or doxycyline + clindamycin or rifampin empirically
listeria monocytogenes
Borrellia burgodorferi
doxycycline (alt erhyromycin)
Campylobacter jejuni
1st line eryhtromcyin (alt FQ)
miconazole for skin/vag, fluconazole for systemic
chlaymydia trachomatis
doxycycline, azithromycin in younger patients or pregos
C diff
metronidazole alt vanc but both PO
Corynenbacterium diphtheria
gardnerella vaginalis
metronidazole alt tinidazole
H. ucreyi
azithromycin, ceftriazone
H. infulenza
cefotaxime, ceftriazone
mycoplasma pneumonaie
neisseria gonorrhea
ceftriaxone DOC, always with doxycycline too
neisseria menigitidis
pen G
Bacillus antrhracis
penicillin, but empiric is cirpo or levofloxican or doxycycline + clindamycin or rifapin
listeria monocytogenes
salmonella typhi
cetriaxone or quinolones
azithromycin, or any quinolone, alt, TMP-SMX + ampicillin
treponema pallidum
Pen G
Trichomonas vaginalis
metronidazole, alt tinidazole
Staph aureus
oxacillin, naficillin, dicloxacillin if on skin, MRSA use vanc
strep pyogenes
Pen G or V
genital warts
podophylilin resin, cryotherapy, or trichloacetic acid
Group B strep- prophyilaxis for pregos
Pen G
Staph saprophycitus
cephalosporins or amp=clavulanic acid
Strep pneumoniae
pen G
Vibrio cholera
doxycycline or any fluroquinolone
giardia lambilia
tinidzole or nitazoxanide (alt metronidazole)
Entamoeba histolytica
metronidazole or tinidzole
asaris lumbricoides
albendazole or mebendazole
enterobius vermicularis
necator amercicanus
albendazole or mebendazole
trichinella spiralis
albendazole + prednisone
piphllobothrium latum
cidovir + probenacid
Infulenza A
zanmivir, resistant to oseltamivir
Influenza B and avian (H5 N1)
oseltamivir or zanamivir
measles Vit A or ribavirin in adults
Vit A in kids or ribavirin in adults
vaccine wihtin 4 days of exposure + cidofovir