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What can cause increased ICP?
Focal lesions (bleed, tumor, seizure focus, vascular lesion, and AVM) or Generalized process (hydrocephalus)
What is communicating hydrocephalus?
Failure of absorption by arachnoid villi
What is non-communicating hydrocephalus?
Obstruction of flow at aqueduct
What is the clinical presenation of Hydrocephalus?
Headache, lethargy, loss of appetite/vomiting
What can cause non-communicating hydrocephalus?
bleeding after subarachnoid hemorrhage, traum, or intraparenchymal bleed
What can cause communicating hydrocephalus?
meningitis scarring of arachnoid villi, meningeal tumor
What vessel supplies the basal ganglia and internal capsule?
MCA penetrating vessels
How does the breakdown of the BBB show up on CT?
enhancing lesions (ring enhancing lesion)
What are the ring enhancing lesions?
meningioma, abscess, glioma, resolving infarction, resolving contusion, demylinating dx, resolving hematoma, lymphona (MAGIC DR L)