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CBT Standard Techniques:

What is Rational Responding?
*Automatic Thought Records.
*Open-ended questioning (Socratic method)
CBT Standard Techniques:

What is Self Monitoring
*Taking stock of oneself, and taking data.

*Non-judgmental; observational.

CBT Standard Techniques:

What are Behavioral Experiments
*Do something you’ve been avoiding. Note the results.

*Document the thoughts and feelings that accompany or get in the way of the above.

*Multiple repetitions, then take it to the next level.

*Compare yourself “before” and “after.”
Basic Tenets of CBT

-What are 4 identifying practices in CBT
Cognitive therapy is identifiable in practice by its use of a
1. session structure,
2. cognitive case conceptualization
3. skill-building techniques
4. homework.
Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

What are Indicated Syndromes?
* Major Depression, Dysthymia
* Panic Disorder
* PTSD, Dissociative Disorders
* Cluster B and C Personality Disorders
Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

What are problems/symptoms?
* Self-esteem
* Relationship problems
* Work function
* Lifecycle development
Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

What are its 4 assumptions?
1. Problems are not necessarily the symptoms

2. Past traumatic or conflictual scenarios are replayed in the present

3. Emotion, thought, motivation, fantasy operate in parallel and are equally important

4. Solution is improving adaptation to conflict
Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

What are its the 3 mechanisms of therapy?
1. Increasing awareness

2. Changing perceptions

3. Improving relationships and responses to new situations
Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

What are 6 things it focuses on?
1. Associations
2. Feelings and motivation
3. Wishes and fears
4. Fantasies, inner conflict
5. Present and past
6. Interpersonal relationship patterns
Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

What are the 6 main techniques used?
1. Looking for repetitive patterns
2. Uncovering meaning
3. unconscious
4. Interpreting defenses, resistances, transference
5. Understanding, working through
6. New narrative
What are 2 main differences in assumptions between PP and CBT?
* Problems do not equal symptoms
* Solution is improving adaptation to conflict

* Problems = symptoms
* Remove symptoms = remove the problem
What are 3 main differences in mechanism between PP and CBT?
1. Increasing awareness
2. Changing perceptions
3. Improving relationships

1. Changing underlying beliefs
2. Changing behaviors
3. Teaching compensatory skills or strategies
What is the role of the therapeutic relationship in PP vs. CBT?
* Relationship required to enable learning,
* May observe patterns in transference
* Relationship is corrective emotional experience
* Relationship may be important focus

* Relationship required to enable learning
* Relationship rarely the focus of discussion