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What is carved into the shell of the turtle?
Where do the Webb's live?
What used to be a garage.
What does Penn's Dad do for a living?
He's an artist and makes birds out of glass,ceramics, wood, and metal. He was best at making Prairie Chickens.
Who had a stroke?
What's so different about Crash being in track?
Most big kids are slow, most fast kids are little. Crash is big and fast!
How did Penn Webb get his name?
He was named after the Penn Relays in which his great-grandfather ran and won the race in 1919.
30,000 people cheered him on.
How old was Penn's Father when he was born?
51 years old, 5 years older than his Mom.
What is the Second Time Around?
A thrift store.
How did Crash get his nickname?
He ran into his cousin Bridget one Christmas eve with his new football helmetand shoved her out the doorway and onto her butt into a foot of snow,she refused to come back into the house.
What is the dried mud for?
It is from the Missouri River and an old legend says it has healing powers.
Where did Jane Forbes move from?
Who is Crash's best friend?
Mike Deluca
What is a Flickertail?
A squirrel.
Who are Penn's parrents?
Mr. Raymond A. Webb and Mrs. Glenda W. Webb
Where was Mike from?
Who told stories to Crash and Abby at night?
What grade are Crash and Penn in?
7th grade
Who is Crash's grandfather?
How old was Penn's Mom when he was born?
40 years old.
Where did Crash and Penn go to school?
Springfield Middle School
What were the Catfish Cakes, Abbey wanted Scooter to make for her birthday?
Brownies with Catfish picture on top.
Who are the main characters in Crash?
Crash Coogan and Penn Webb
What was different about the painting of Scooter than the others?
He never posed for the painting, he was always gone. She did it from memory.
Who drew the painting of Scooter?
Crash's Mom
Who did Webb and Crash write about for their English papers about someone they admired?
Crash wrote about Scooter-the good stuff.
Webb wrote about his Great-Grandfather, his best friend. The person who understands him the best.
What is the only toy Webb has?
A Conestoga wagon
What does Penn's button says when Crash first meets him?
"Hi, I'm a Flickertail."
Who was the realtor in charge of planning the Mall?
Crash's Mom, Mrs. Coogan
What was the first fight Mike and Crash had?
Mike had brought a jetwater Uzi to school and Crash said he'd be suspended. Mike called him a Dud!
What is the book about the boy who loved football?
Why does Penn want to run in the Penn Relay?
As a gift to his namesake, his Great-Grandfather.
What did Scooter do in the Navy?
He was a cook.
When's the first time Crash saw Penn?
The summer before 1st grade.
Who has a pet turtle?
Penn Webb
What does Crash's Dad do?
He is starting up his own business and works 70 hours or more a week.
Who fights against the Mall being built?
Penn Webb, Abbey and Jane Forbes
What does Crash's mom do for a living?
She's a realtor and goes to school.
Who is Abby?
Crash's sister
Who won the race-off to get on the team to race in the Penn relay race? Why?
Penn won because Crash reminded him to lean at the end.
What one word does Scooter say after his stroke?
What is Crash's real name?
John Patrick Coogan
Who ran in the race-off for the Penn Relays at the end of the story?
Penn and Crash
Who are vegetarians?
The Webb's
Who is the girl that Crash likes?
Jane Forbes
Who is the character who is a quaker?
Penn Webb and his family
Who built a mouse house in their backyard?
Abby Coogan
What is a flickertail?
It is a squirrel. There are lots of them in North Dakota.
Who went to every single football game/
Penn's parents
Where does the Crash book take place?
Who is Penn's great-grandfather?
Henry Wilhide Webb III
Where did Penn Webb move from?
North Dakota
What was the gift Crash got for Scooter?
A pair of Red High heeled shoes?
Who wrote Crash?
Jerry Spinelli
What position does Crash play in football?
In what book is there a boy that is a quaker?
Who wears pins all the time?
Penn Webb
Who becomes a cheerleader?
Penn Webb